A superb inauguration of GAT Virtual Expo, with an amazing and praised 3D platform

On the first day, the online show included interesting conferences, key LatAm business roundtables and very colorful and attractive stands, with products and innovations of relevant companies of the industry.

Visitors are enjoying a fascinating, immersive experience at GAT Virtual Expo.
Visitors are enjoying a fascinating, immersive experience at GAT Virtual Expo.

GAT Virtual Expo is offering a unique, different and awesome experience for the gaming sector. This is the first exhibition of the year for Latin Americans from a Latin American organizer. The interactive fair has exceeded expectations for the revolutionary technology of its virtual platform (from VirtWay), which surprised by its quality, flexibility and its ‘video game style’ for business professionals, with avatars representing each of the visitors.

About this platform, some executives shared their opinions. Estefania Venegas (WorldMatch) said: “I really liked it. I think it really solves the lack of the face-to-face meeting. I find it very friendly and easy to use. The experience was very satisfactory.” While Santiago Ayala Alvarez (Rivalo) stated: “It seemed to me a very special virtual immersion, considering the avatars, options and the possibility of moving in the universe of the fair. I think it is an excellent tool that not only allows a different approach, but the development of interactive materials.”

In terms of wide spaces, there are two exhibition pavilions (Arena 1 and Arena 2) with stands of companies such as Vibra Gaming, WorldMatch, Rivalo, Golden Race and LatamWin, among others. Booths include products presentations, videos, commercial offers, brochures, and business meetings between avatars (executives). There are also a Main Auditorium for conferences (with a total capacity of 500 people, represented by individualized avatars), a Networking Zone for Business Roundtables, and the Bivi Auditorum for Virtual Showroom-Bingo.

Jose Anibal Aguirre, CEO, 3A Productions (the event organizer), offered a warm welcome to attendants: “Dear friends: First of all, I want to express my joy for this meeting, after so many months of isolation and the difficulties we have gone through. The strong relationships created over the years make me feel like we are in family again. It has not been easy to finally be able to present this new space to everyone, a product of technology, work and the creativity of many collaborators. I want to thank our sponsors, the media and all the delegates that are here with us today, including companies’ representatives, regulators from Latin America, federations and associations, speakers and leaders. Please, accept my absolute gratitude to all of you. Finally, the gold medal goes to the allies of this utopia that was born last March, when we understood that together we could face the storm. Thanks to Penta Marketing and Totally Gaming Academy for helping in the conception of this virtual world, offering their knowledge and experience. I am sure that today we are building new paths for prosperity of the whole gaming industry.”

Day one presented a variety of interesting content. The Forum ‘The New Normal in the Gaming Industry’ had two different panels with LatAm gaming regulators and associations. Then, differente shows organizers shared their experiences in this difficult year because of the pandemic. Finally, there was a conference of Manufacturers and Operators. In parallel, delegates could attend the LatAm Business Roundtable. From yesterday until tomorrow, highly qualified gaming professionals from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia and Panama are discussing about regulatory, legislation and business opportunities of those markets.

Both activities will continue today, as well as the Virtual Bingo, a fun experience. Regarding conferences, today’s highlight (9:15 AM Colombia time) will be the panel ‘Legalization of Online Gaming in Latin America. What are we up to?’, by experts Constante Traverso (Peru) and Francisco Leiva (Chile), with G&M News as moderator of the debate.

Besides, there will be other relevant sessions about marketing, iGaming, responsible gaming and biosecurity, with leading executives such as Karen Sierra-Hughes (GLI), Fernando Garita (Betcris), Carlos Carrion (Aristocrat), Cristhian Vargas (LatamWin), Eddie Morales (BetGames.TV) and Daniel Magariños (BMM Testlabs), among others.

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 15th, Clarion Gaming’s Totally Gaming Academy will bring practical courses. Most interesting one will be the one from Francisco Vidal, exclusive expert of G&M News.  At 10:30 AM (Colombia time), he will speak about ‘Casino Management (Land-Based).’ The presentation will address the main mathematical components of products, different player profiles, digital transformation of game floors and analytical models for improving the customer experience, in order to better understand the future of casinos. Besides Vidal, two other Masterclass of TGA will be ‘Online Sports Betting Management’ (by Hugo Llanos), and ‘Fundamentals of Online Gambling’ (by Sebastian Perrier).

Another key event for tomorrow will be WorldMatch Conference (11:45 AM). The company will present its new game The dream of Antonio and Erandi, inspired on the everyday life, culture and Mexican habits. This wonderful game, full of life, color and lively music, will be released soon and promises an approach and a great feedback by the Latin American and global communities in which WorldMatch titles are much appreciated and valued.