Brancato: “Our influencers and affiliates keep our brand with a great online presence”

In this interview, Florencia Brancato, Country Manager, LatAm, at Pinnacle, points out the importance of delving into local markets in the region. She underlines the need to educate and promote issues such as affiliate systems and digital payment methods, and expresses that Esports are one of the verticals with the greatest growth potential,

The executive stresses that the company partnered with Santos Esports in Brazil to strengthen its presence in that big market, as well as advertising on the ESPN channel for its NBA broadcasts.
The executive stresses that the company partnered with Santos Esports in Brazil to strengthen its presence in that big market, as well as advertising on the ESPN channel for its NBA broadcasts.

You have worked in renowned firms in the sector, such as GVC, Betsson, AstroPay and Betmotion, among others. Now, with two years at Pinnacle, how many tools do you feel you have been able to apply from your previous experience and knowledge? What are the elements that attract you the most in your current role at the company?

Previous experience in other companies has helped me a lot to improve the type of work we do with my team. Several years getting to know users from different Latin American countries allowed me to focus on Pinnacle and work more and more on the local market. Developing functions in Pinnacle is fascinating to me. It is a global company with a local perspective, a vision for the future of technological development and a product that always intends to improve the contents of the operators. My task in the company is very broad. I have the possibility to promote a brand with some defined differentials, which makes the role even more interesting.

The company offers players multiple possibilities to enjoy verticals such as online casino, sports betting, virtual sports and even Esports (League of Legends). Which of these units has better performed in LatAm during the last semester and why?

Sports betting are still the main strength of our company, but the area that has advanced the most in Latin America was Esports. There is a progressive interest in users and greater capacity and opportunities for product promotion.

What strategies is the company implementing to grow in the diverse Latin American markets? How would you describe bettors of the region?

This has been a very complicated year because of the pandemic. Some planned strategies are pending. However, at the same time, there was a process that led to a conversion and a broader vision of the business. That ended up with us partnering with Santos Esports player team in Brazil. We started working with them in a long-term alliance, seeking to promote the brand and Esports in a huge market. We are talking about a very important Esports team, endorsed by one of the soccer clubs with the longest history and popularity in Brazil. On the other hand, we also advertise on the ESPN channel, in its coverage of the NBA. It is evident that influencers and affiliates have been our great allies in this way, keeping our brand with a great online presence.

LatAm lacks of tradition in affiliate systems. In what way do you think this practice should be disseminated to boost business?

I believe that there are countries that have more culture of affiliation and others have less. It is a matter of education and promotion of these systems. You have to show that profits sharing is the best way to partner and grow in this market. Our program is aware of all affiliates. The company is always ready to teach and accompany. It is the key to success in this area.

Another issue where gamblers in the region need to be educated is the use of online payment methods. What modalities does Pinnacle offer and how to generate more confidence and security in Latin American players, somewhat reluctant to this system?

Pinnacle provides all local payment methods in the countries we serve. Education is also essential in this area, explaining how to use payment methods and giving confidence that nothing negative will happen with that money. Here again, affiliates and influencers are our right hand, as they help the player to bet and to be encouraged to make deposits through digital options.

Where do you foresee the remote gaming industry is going to? Do you think that Esports may represent a segment of greater monetization in the future, taking into account the growth of these titles among young players?

I believe that the strongest vertical is and will be sports betting. Without a doubt, Esports is one of the verticals with the greatest growth potential. It includes new generations, who, in a versatile way, enjoy these games in their entirety, betting either on real sports or on Electronic Sports.

What projects is your company defining to keep on the business expansion track over the next two years?

A large part of our focus at Pinnacle is to further deepen our influence in local markets. We want to engage with our different audiences around the world to make sure they really get the most out of what we offer. We know that our product is excellent. It delivers the best odds, high limits and unrestricted bets. On a technical level, this includes access to high-quality data to be able to replicate our Premier League offering in more regionalized competitions, such as the Brazilian Championship. Then, we add the work of our analysts and experts within these specific competitions to give our clients an exclusive vision and boost their bets. In addition, we continue to develop the website experience to strengthen what we have done in recent years. Future View has taken Pinnacle’s previous website to a new level in terms of its modern look, with added features and benefits. We want to extend this to our casino, our Esports product, and our content portals.