Caci (Sportradar): “Our Managed Trading Services provide everything under one umbrella for bookmakers”

With technology and innovation at the center of the strategy, Lorenzo Caci, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Sportradar, highlights how his company has rapidly entered in the U.S. market, being now official partner of some of the major sports leagues of that jurisdiction.

Lorenzo Caci, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Sportradar. Lorenzo Caci, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Sportradar. In which way you could sum up your extensive experience in the industry?
I have over 15-years of experience in digital strategy, business planning, sales and customer relationship management. I have been involved in regulated markets across the world, while working with regulators to streamline operator businesses, whilst actively exploring and developing in new emerging markets. Currently, I’m Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships in South Europe and Latin America at Sportradar. I also focuse on the Indian, Italian and Turkish betting markets and media markets. How Sportradar is prepared to respond to business possibilities of the U.S. online and sports betting market?
Opening a market to legalized sports betting is a landmark decision, mainly because of the opportunities it provides. As we have seen, there have been many companies who are jumping at this chance within the gaming and sports industries, including land-based casinos, major media companies and the sports leagues themselves. As the official partner of some of the major U.S. sports leagues and almost two decades of data procurement, we have the most comprehensive and customizable offering for operators of all sizes and stages of the business lifecycle. We have become a world leader in this space, providing our 360-degree betting to clients across the world and partnering with sports leagues to expand our data and coverage. There are three key areas of our portfolio that we think are essential for the U.S. This includes live data, which is vital for any online sports betting offering and, as we are currently seeing, is proving extremely popular in States where it is legalized. Delivering additional betting content and entertainment, including live match trackers and streaming, is another area that can assist operators to increase engagement, which, in the statistic and technology driven U.S. sports industry, is crucial. But the ultimate tool is our signature, all-in-one trading and risk management solution, Managed Trading Services (MTS). This provides everything under one umbrella for bookmakers wanting to create or manage a successful sportsbook, including live data, betting entertainment as well as risk management and trading at whatever level they require. Which are your company’s main goals for the future?
We are committed to putting our partners and clients first and continuing to develop and redevelop our products and services with their needs in mind. As such, technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We want to remain at the forefront of this so we know our clients receive nothing but the best. As the longstanding leader in bookmaking products and services, we also want to illustrate our expertise in the industry and channel that to continue to help shape sports betting regulation and integrity. As Latin America is similar to the U.S., in that it is quite fragmented with various regions enacting different legislation at different times, we have a similar opportunity to consolidate there. Like the U.S., we will offer our expertise and solutions like MTS there to help operators, both locally and internationally, and to ensure the creation of a legalized betting market that is fair for all.