Corridori (SafeCharge): “We are currently defining an omnichannel vision”

In this interview, Umberto Corridori, SVP Sales, SafeCharge, talks about how electronic payment systems are evolving in the land-based and online gaming sectors. He analyzes U.S. gaming market and says his company has invested in Asia-Pacific and Latin America, with a local office in Mexico.

Umberto Corridori, SVP Sales, SafeCharge.
Umberto Corridori, SVP Sales, SafeCharge.

Could you describe the core business of your company?

We are a global provider of payments services and risk management solutions in Europe and internationally. We also offer a full range of card processing solutions, anti-money laundering, and identity manager. Our company is based on Guernsey island, a self-governing British Crown dependency. We also have offices in the UK, U.S., China, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Israel, Cyprus, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our technology has proven to help increase performance of global organizations by improving their back-end systems.

In which industries is SafeCharge focused, and what are the main advantages of your products?

Our main two industries are gaming and financial trading. We serve our system to millions of users in just a few seconds. We are mainly a solution provider for betting on online casinos. We also have land-based retail solutions, and we are currently defining an omnichannel vision. We are connected with over 150 different payment methods. We can offer a specific payment method that is more suitable for a country or a State. We also have to educate banking systems about our solutions.

What’s your point of view on current state of gaming in the U.S.?

The U.S. market is in an early stage of legalization. We see the U.S. market extremely fragmented, with some States that have legalized the online gaming activity; others in the process of regulation and lots of States analyzing future steps or rejecting any bill to legalize iGaming. We have built an agnostic approach to solve that type of fragmentation. We have experienced this ecosystem in Europe, where the online gaming regulation started in 2005. There are lots of gaps between the most regulated markets and the grey markets. We predict we will have to face in the U.S. the same challenges we had to overcome in Europe. Every single U.S. State will demand to a global entity to twist, adapt and accept payment solutions that are quite different from one State to another.

What other challenges will have to overcome your company in the future?

Our main goal is to continue expanding our product range and worldwide presence. In 2018, our group made a huge investment in Asia-Pacific and Latin America. We have local offices for payment service in Mexico. We believe our main target for the next couple of years is to become a more relevant company in the U.S. gaming market.