360º digital integrality

Today, more than ever, marketing specialists must have a commercial approach.

In his exclusive column, our expert Egber Hernandez Diaz suggests the development of a strategic plan that will allow marketing and sales teams to know how they are responding in their companies to the challenges posed by the new industry trends.

By Egber Hernandez Diaz, independent Specialist in Marketing and Sales*

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Over the past 10 years, we have seen an exponential digital development that revolutionized the different areas of companies. A manifestation of this was the growing bond between the marketing and commercial (sales) departments. The digital advance has led to rethinking the ways of designing a marketing plan to achieve customer acquisition objectives and/or sales in shorter time, mixing offline and online media in search of a comprehensive balance. In short, this digital approach stimulated the development of a 360º vision in constant evolution during shorter cycles, in order to adjust and test new tools for allowing greater retention and attraction of customers and opportunities.

In times where resources are scarcer, certain key activities and strategies must be considered to have an adequate marketing/commercial plan. We can mention the following ones:

1) A marketing team with a digital + commercial approach. Today, more than ever, marketing specialists must have a commercial approach, that is, to know the sales processes to use the tools and digital channels that favor the achievement of annual goals.
2) A team that analyzes new trends and tools. Teams must be constantly alert about the launch of new applications or innovative software. They must also find and leverage success stories and benchmark indicators that lead to moving and changing activities and refocusing strategies in the short term. This will help getting better results between digital and commercial teams.
3) The execution of the budget will take place in an environment of constant change. Currently, annual marketing budgets tend to be very changing, given that platforms reevaluate algorithms, new software updates are released, mergers exist and a more competitive environment is generated. All this obliges to expand and modify tasks. It will be essential to have quarterly reviews to adjust the course and include new approaches to obtain the expected annual business objectives.
4) Monitoring of digital indicators that respond to best practices. Sometimes, in the digital world, it is very easy to say that ‘our indicators are constantly growing and that we are doing well’. However, the value that really interests is the revenue or sales indicator. Therefore, we must analyze and intertwine them frequently, in addition to reviewing them based on the benchmark of the digital world. Thus, we can know if we work with parameters similar to those of the top companies in the sector.
5) Evolutionary advertising. The new digital environment has modified the way we advertise our products and services. Here too, then, we must adopt a constant change approach and in multiplatform environments so that our message is delivered in a continuous and clear way, attracting different consumers. Of course, this will require greater efforts to make the messages of our products effective and to attract users to our businesses, thus fulfilling the stipulated objectives. The permanent analysis of the messages and the different media is vital to extend the reach and multiply the obtaining of clients.
6) CRM + CRM + CRM. If a company does not have an effective CRM tool connected to digital and commercial efforts, it will be wasting time and budget. The absence of a combination of these two great resources entails dissipating vital work hours for effective decision making, losing clients and money in the process.
7) Constant training. Our floor teams must be constantly trained to fully utilize technological tools and generate best practices that lead us to maximize opportunities for the achievement of common goals. It is essential to have an adequate training plan that allows you to get the most out of the annual marketing and sales strategies.

The new challenges of the marketing and commercial divisions make us be more practical, dynamic, fast and open to an incessant learning process in order to give our organizations the results they are waiting for. Those responsible for these areas of the different companies will be able to review the suggested strategies to see how new marketing and sales trends are taking place in their companies.


*For over 19 years, Egber Hernandez Diaz has been applying his knowledge and skills in marketing, sales and customer service in important gaming companies, such as the Mexican operator Logrand Entertainment Group, and in respected companies of other industries. He masters issues such as online & offline marketing and market research; he has led projects of his specialty under the PMI methodology, and has launched products with excellent results locally and internationally.

He has a degree in Marketing from the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico, with a specialization in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute. Hernandez Diaz also has MBA studies and a wide range of certifications in topics such as coaching, SEO, NLP, leadership and strategies in social networks, among others.