How to efficiently advise bettors

With several years of experience in the sports betting sector, the expert Jorge Armando Quintero writes about the best way for a platform to attract players, by offering them guidance, various gaming options and a robust structure of security and trust.

By Jorge Armando Quintero, Sportsbook Advisor*



The powerful combination between technology and sport gave rise to online gambling, a market that is gaining momentum every day. Through the different pages created, users from all over the world can continue to have fun with their favorite sports online, while operators take advantage of this business vertical that gives good profit margins. The diversity in the markets, the potential prizes, the entertainment, the opportunity to interact with more people and exchange knowledge are key pillars in the growth of online sports betting globally.


Online gambling is a relatively new industry in Colombia, which has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for men and women. Without a doubt, it is an exciting and rewarding experience. This phenomenon is constantly growing in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a great variety of products for different tastes and player segments. Of course, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to bet. There are specialized platforms that show you detailed statistics and predictions with a large number of variables.

Statistical analysis and interpretation is part of sports betting strategies. Many people believe that you have to be a statistical expert to place bets, but it is not a necessary condition. It is important that the bettor has some knowledge of the game on which he/she wishes to wager, as this will allow him/her to have a better perspective of the market. This is where the excellent work of the advisers must be considered, capable of guiding and explaining their bets to the user. As the experts understand the use of a product in a professional way, they will be able to give security to the user; answer his/her questions and create peace of mind and confidence to place his/her bets.

It is clear, then, that the gaming industry needs experts who are passionate about sports advice aimed at betting, and share their knowledge about the diversity of sports in which representative and striking earnings are obtained. Advisors are essential in the customer service area. They must have the minimum experience to meet any requirement on multiple sports. How can an advisor serve the client in a positive and satisfactory way? It is a matter of the parent company to provide its staff responsible of managing the consultancies with the necessary information so that they can resolve any case that may present, through programs, courses, workshops and any other means where information can be transmitted.


When it is difficult for the player to understand the numbers, it is best to listen to the analysis before the game, where all the information is explained in detail. Analyzing these variables will allow the bettor to create a strategy based on the situation as a team. A good idea is to combine these statistical data with other factors that influence the outcome of a game, such as the weather conditions, the altitude, the mood of the squad, etc. The odds can then be examined only after the prediction has been formulated and the probability of the chosen outcome for a given bet has been estimated.

Usually, beginners only look at the WTL (win, tie, lose) relationship. Of course, it is not enough to look at the results and conclude who was the strongest. This is where the advisors should appear, either through virtual chat or in person, reducing doubts and making users lose the fear of betting in different markets.

An example of traditional wagering is betting on a team that will win at the end of the match. The strategy would be to guide the user to make a handicap on that same event and that his/her earnings increase with this option. The higher the risk, the greater your profit will be. Knowing how to sell the products is a key for the advisor.

When thinking about strategies, one must remember the characteristics of the countries and their sporting customs; adapt and promote the product based on it. In the absence of sports competitions during the pandemic, the online casino was a great attraction among adult and young customers for its variety of games. Esports also advanced a lot.

In a possible balance, let’s remember that the betting site must create and offer new content. Advisers have to educate on the betting options for players. For their part, tipsters, influencers and famous athletes will help a company grow the brand and attract more bettors for a gaming platform.


*With a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad de los Andes (Venezuela), Jorge Armando Quintero has more than ten years of experience in the betting segment. He developed a successful career in the gaming industry in Venezuela, in firms such as Betcris, Latinbet and Grupo Cordialito. Currently, he is a Staff Advisor and Trainer at BetPlay Colombia, as well as an expert advisor in the management of sportsbooks.