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In its ‘Women of the Sector’ space, G&M News presents Leticia Palacios (Microgaming). You’ll find here info about her ideas, her hobbies and passions, her learning, her view on gaming, social responsibility and the contribution of women to the industry. All this and so much more are included in another must-read article for you to check and enjoy.

Leticia Palacios, iGaming Business Development Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Microgaming.
Leticia Palacios, iGaming Business Development Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Microgaming.

Leticia Palacios worked in the U.S. media and later moved to Mexico. By then, she already had experience in content production and marketing, and deep knowledge of the Mexican market. She involved there in the online casino segment at Playtech, reporting to managers from Mexico, Israel, UK and, later, Gibraltar. She executed several initiatives for the continuous product improvement and the communication of online launchings, with tutorials on the platform used in Mexico about bingo, casino and sports betting. In addition, she was trained at Playtech’s offices in Israel. On her own initiative, she designed guides and materials to instruct on platforms for the customer service team of her operator in Mexico, with successful results.

Currently, she has been working for Microgaming (a leading online gaming firm) for three years and two months, as Head of Business Development, iGaming, for Latin America and the Caribbean. “I have a permanent focus on strengthening and growing our commercial bonds with clients and the strategic adaptation of our products to emerging markets. At the same time, we collaborate in performance improvement for operators and we invigorate relations with the gaming industry and its representatives: regulators, laboratories, games studies,” she explains about her role.


Proactive and observant, in addition to being passionate about various study topics, and with a good sense of humor, Leticia emphasizes that these characteristics have given her a wide versatility when carrying out negotiations and international relations. These qualities respond, in part, to the knowledge she accumulated working on media. At her daily job, she tries to contribute with new ideas for the improvement of processes and operations. “I have always considered myself quite a creative and perfectionist person, who seeks to achieve the highest quality with innovation, planning and programming of strategic improvements. I am rigorous with commitments and concerned about the proper use of time,” she points out. Therefore, she appreciates teamwork, by basing her relationships on the principles of trust and transparency, which is why she achieves empathy in the work environment. In this sense, she won the approval of her employers. “A person values and acting with integrity are key issues to me. I’m a fair person and I like to recognize the effective work of others, in order to achieve a more efficient and harmonious working environment,” she says.

This executive knows how to analyze market trends and stimulate the leverage of business opportunities, a fundamental basis for keeping up with a vibrant sector that requires constant updating. In this regard, she explains: “In the world of technology, the market is experiencing dizzying dynamism. Innovation is a key factor and is triggered by creativity, which, in turn, requires extra hours to conceptualize and propose new concepts. It’s extremely interesting to be 24/7 creating innovative ideas that you know will give you great satisfaction when you see them applied.” In addition, she comments: “The value that one can bring to this industry is as infinite as your mind can project it. I believe in the ability of the minds of passionate people, to create their ideas and transform them into powerful realities.”


Organizing to achieve a balance between personal and working life is paramount. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, dancing, writing, reading, creating stories, and going to the movies (one of her great passions). Likewise, she underlines the importance of establishing a good communication with her parents and friends, as she understands that it is essential for holistic intellectual growth. Here, Palacios states: “The world of business and sales has always been a space of great concern and interest to me. This has been going on since my adolescence, thanks to the advice of my father, who motivated my curiosity about any subject. He says that ‘Intelligence can be taught’, so he taught me on how to be smarter every day, sharing his life experiences with me.”

Regarding her appeal for gaming, she mentions as main reasons the challenges of the day to day activities, constant creativity and innovation and the demand to stay at the forefront. “I have always been a very organized person and, above all, self-demanding. The latter derives largely from the discipline that forged the practice of ballet in my life. My development in the arts has been a tenacious inclination, which fueled in my personality a desire to use creativity and perseverance to achieve my goals,” she assures with convincement.

The experience of meeting new people from all over the world and generating a productive exchange of visions is another of the points that she highlights about the benefits of her profession. Leticia recalls an anecdote that defined her incorporation into gaming: “I traveled to Las Vegas for the CES show. At lecture break, as is common, I met a woman at one of the casino’s toilets. We left there talking a lot. The woman was a doctor, a person with great elegance and who worked as a high-level manager in one of the largest casino groups in Las Vegas. From the beginning, she surprised me with all the info she was sharing with me. At that time, I came from working in other branches of entertainment, but the world of casinos was totally alien to me. In fact, from the outside, the gaming industry seemed like a men’s world only. The great turn that the doctor had given to her career and how successful she was in her work caught my attention. I noticed the warmth of her person and her intelligence. She told me: ‘The industry is changing. More women with new vision and ideas are needed in other areas of study, because everything can be improved.’ I learned about this women sorority and about the need to always respond to standards of excellence, because that is what motivates us and makes us unique. And, of course, that also reflects on our actions. Shortly after, I started working at a well-known casino company and I loved it.”


About this theme, when asked about the role of women in the industry, Leticia comments: “As in all industries, in gaming, women contribute with equity, wisdom and intelligence, complementing the contribution of men. Women are leaving a powerful mark on organizations that makes them essential, thus building an indelible path for all other women. Every woman in the industry represents the rest of us. The result has been so successful that more and more women are being sought for senior management positions in multinational companies. There is a valuable recognition towards the professional women of the industry, who have been revolutionizing and substantially improving the image of the gaming sector.”

Moreover, she states that, with online casinos, women’s positions have fortified. In recent years, that place has been consolidating, thus generating a space of greater inclusion. “As of today, the gender issue in the gaming industry is achieving more and more balance, with outstanding results due to the constant hiring of women in C-level positions, for example, as well as in areas of senior administrative, legal, creative and technical leadership. The presence of women is notorious, which has allowed business to evolve and favored growth at a much faster rate than in the past. The reason is simple: the more women we achieve this parity, the synergistic work between both genders is complemented and strengthened. The result of the synergy between men and women is greater than the sum of the parts individually,” she believes.


Throughout her career, Leticia has always worked in multinational companies involved in entertainment and she stresses that all of them have had a remarkable policy of social responsibility. On this matter, she emphasizes: “In this sector, a company must always be the most important variable in the complex equation of promoting and producing responsible gaming. This is a key factor and a high priority, which must become the core of the business. I think that a good responsible gaming policy totally reinforces the image of the industry.” To give an example, she mentions the practices of her company. “Microgaming has an excellent program called ‘PlayItForward,’ with which it returns part of its profits, providing support to communities around the world, and thus promoting positive change for people, the environment and the planet,” she enthuses.

Regarding her future, she anticipates: “Five years from now, I see myself in a very important position in the company. As always, day by day, I will do my best to provide contributions that I hope will be recognized and rewarded, because that is why one be motivated.” Besides, from a personal point of view, she feels that she will have to continue evolving to always try to find the positive side of things and to enjoy life at all times. Even one of her goals is to publish books. Leticia really loves being able to share knowledge, motivate others to be better persons and leave a mark that paves the way for women. To have an opinion, to transmit, share, debate and listen are actions that have to be promoted, according to this executive. Therefore, she concludes with one of her favorite quotes: “As Tim McClure (marketing and leadership consultant) said: ‘The biggest concern for any organization should be when their most passionate people become quiet’.”

In one line

A book: “Pride and prejudice” (Jane Austen, 1813)

A movie: “A Little Princess” (Alfonso Cuaron, 1995)

Favorite music: classical (brings back many memories from my ballet times), mainly Tchaikovsky. As a good Latina, any music to dance and sing

A fragrance: Isra & Miraj, by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

A place to live: Tel Aviv (Israel)

A place for vacations: Cancun (Mexico)

A place for dining out: Mexico, forever Mexico!

A meal: Tlacoyos de Huitlacoche in blue corn, and for dessert, Halva

A drink: Vintage Ruby Port Wine

A sport: swimming

A teacher/mentor: my father