Jabon (Analytics Intell): “Through the centralization of data and analytics, we offer solutions for increased productivity, efficiency and cost reduction”

Christian Jabon, Vice President, Business Solutions at Analytics Intell, explains main features of Casino Intell floor mapping technology. Now, via partnership with Gamburo Gaming Solutions, the company has incorporated Laura Medina as Senior Business Development and Sales Representative, LatAm, in order to expand to Latin America and help casino operators in the region.

The alliance between Analytics Intell and Gamburo Gaming Solutions will able LatAm customers to have a direct access to comprehensive gaming solutions and data advisory services.
The alliance between Analytics Intell and Gamburo Gaming Solutions will able LatAm customers to have a direct access to comprehensive gaming solutions and data advisory services.

How would you briefly describe your company’s innovative offering of services and tools for the entertainment and hospitality sectors? What are the advantages of this product in comparison to the solutions of your competitors?

The development of Casino Intell (www.casinointell.com), an interactive floor mapping application, was created with the full business intelligence journey in mind for hospitality executives and operators. Not only does this application give casino operators instant access to floor activity and floor layout recommendations, but it also provides insights on players’ behaviors, engagement and revenue opportunities. While there are similar floor tracking tools on the market, our technology provides prescriptive data and predictive analytics capabilities which helps hospitality operators anticipate business needs, gathering actionable intelligence to identify revenue drivers and better manage the client lifecycle. Casino Intell also has more functionalities than competitors’ products. We are the first to offer a standalone remapping tool that allows casino managers to quickly re-structure their floor. Besides, we offer distinct features, such as the following: a mobile app, Anti-money laundering (AML) functionality, staffing recommendations, advanced player analytics with a focus on demographics, hot players and high rollers. Casino Intell is also available for table games and can be customized for specific properties. Aside from building software for the gaming industry, we have provided data analytics consulting and customized technologies across a range of industries for more than 15 years. We bring a unique perspective to operators’ business needs and the technical expertise to build customized solutions.

During this post-pandemic time, with the reopening of casinos, why is it so important for an operator to have an advanced intelligent data analytics system?

As casinos begin to reopen, managers will face unfamiliar territory, related to machine placement optimization to account for social distancing, guest services and customer acquisition and retention. While casinos will need to prioritize health and safety standards, having access to quality data that is precise and actionable will help operators adhere to social distancing requirements while maximizing revenue. This can be done through optimizing machine placement, and new marketing strategies that account for the shift in customer behaviors and financial status to personalize offers and incentives. Through the strategic use of data and advice of casino experts, Analytics Intell helps casino operators navigate the pending challenges to reopen successfully during a pandemic, while also identifying opportunities to maximize profits once customers are on the casino floor. This alliance will support physical casinos to maximize profitability during this time of uncertainty.

In which aspects do you consider operational intelligence solutions have really changed the perspective for casinos’ data managing policies over the last years?

Data is critical to the day-to-day operation of most casinos, and managing big data can be challenging if the right process is not in place. With the evolution of the Internet and the digitation of many transactional processes, casinos now have access to more information, but also, more regulations to comply to. With the improvements of technology, specifically around operational intelligence, adhering to stricter policies for storing and processing data has become easier, quicker and more reliable. In certain jurisdictions, the implication of not having data governance can be financially harmful. For instance, without audit protocols in place, reporting inaccurate earnings can result in improper tax calculations or revenue loss. Given the volume of data casinos gather, a manual audit process is almost impossible. However, with operational intelligence, casinos can save time and losses by automating their audit process to identify potential gaps and errors to report accurate numbers. Like any other assets, data is also a commodity. To ensure that they are following set laws and regulations (for example, AML), casinos need to have the proper governance to address collection, cleaning, processing and storing of data. Today, operational intelligence has solved these issues by driving efficiency with quicker ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes and insightful stats on data quality accuracy.

Analytics Intell has recently announced a partnership with Gamburo Gaming Solutions, an advisory firm, to have a successful entry into LatAm markets. Why have you chosen Gamburo and what is the main interest of your company to expand into Latin America?

Recent regional economy factors and the global pandemic have had a longstanding impact on major Latin American countries, in particular, on the entertainment and hospitality sectors. This is an opportune time for the hospitality industry to tap into the power of smart analytics to improve their offering. Through our partnership with Gamburo Gaming Solutions, which supports companies’ successful entry into LatAm, founder and CEO Laura Medina joins the firm as a Senior Sales Consultant, managing all engagements in the market. Medina’s knowledge on iGaming, regulation and the development and promotion of gaming solutions brings additional industry expertise that will greatly complement our U.S.-based hospitality experts. Besides, her geographic focus bodes well into our expansion targets. Medina will work closely with our sales and global data intelligence team. The alliance means LatAm customers will have a direct access to comprehensive gaming solutions and data advisory services.

How will your company continue leading the way for operators to keep on increasing their businesses over the next couple of years?

Our global team helps organizations plan, design, implement and deploy comprehensive data programs and analytical tools, dashboards, and systems, fully integrated within an enterprise, to provide deeper insights and better decision making. Through the centralization of data and analytics, the team of experts offers solutions for increased productivity, efficiency and cost reduction. With Casino Intell, an interactive application that gives real-time insights on gaming transactions, we offer casinos and integrated resorts strategic data applications to: a) Track floor activity at-a-glance; b) Identify revenue opportunities; c) See predictive prompts to increase gaming revenue; d) View financials with built-in enterprise reporting platform; and e) Re-build the casino floor using an easy, reconfiguration tool. The Casino Intell system maintains historical performance metrics and feeds it back to retrain the algorithms and further improve performance.  The extended use of Casino Intell in a property means an operator can pull deeper insights into organization performance. With the application of predictive modeling, we can guide operators on how best to prepare for and navigate the future.