Marin (Chetu): “We provide resources for a fluid and flexible convergence”

About land-based casinos increasingly entering the online world, Santiago Marin, National Account Manager at Chetu, states his company is prepared to deliver tailored software services to various gaming markets.

Santiago Marin, National Account Manager at Chetu. Santiago Marin, National Account Manager at Chetu. What is today’s Chetu proposal for gaming operators?
We offer software for slots, casinos, and payment systems integration. We work on aspects of systems related to casinos. We see that, increasingly, land-based casino complements its services with the virtual gaming segment. Thus, we try to provide the necessary resources so that this convergence is more fluid, flexible and accessible for the gaming rooms. Today, land-based casinos include sports betting spaces and there are virtual casinos that try to reproduce the land-based casino experience under the same brand. What do you foresee for the online gaming market in the US? What are the main differences you could point out between Europe and the United States?
There are immense possibilities for the US online gaming market. We understand that, over time, this country will be at the same level as Europe in terms of iGaming and sports betting. For now, it is far away. In that sense, thanks to our experience, we are able to provide the software that is needed to accompany the growth of a company’s activity in the United States. Sports betting has a long tradition in European countries, such as the United Kingdom. This is new in the United States, so it is not known how this market will evolve over the next five years. Which gaming niche you consider will develop the most in the future?
My personal sense is that there are interesting commercial perspectives for eSports and sports betting related to this niche market. In eSports, you do not have to pay fees or emission rights. Perhaps it is more difficult to develop an eSports platform, but, once this is achieved, you can operate with massive and free events. What is your opinion of the evolution of iGaming in LatAm and the business opportunities for Chetu in that continent?
Colombia was a pioneer in online gaming in the region. Mexico is also a large market and grants licenses. But everyone is focused on participating in a future online gaming market in Brazil. If regulation and legalization are achieved, it will be an immense field to operate and increase business.