Muleba (Matching Visions): “Our status as an Affiliate Union and focus on the individual affiliate is what makes us unique”

Leanne Catherine Muleba, COO of Matching Visions, believes in the willingness to adopt a culture and to work as a team. The goal of the company is to match the visions of both publisher and advertiser.

For Muleba, the core value of the company has evolved around the notion of being an affiliate’s best friend.
For Muleba, the core value of the company has evolved around the notion of being an affiliate’s best friend.

Tell us a bit more about your business model. How did Matching Visions start? What is Matching Visions for? How does it really work? What are your core values?

Matching Visions ( launched in 2014 when we realized the huge amount of time affiliates and operators spent managing their relationships. Place yourself in the affiliates’ shoes that are doing well and have been in the industry for 3-4 years. They quickly have: anywhere from 25-200 affiliate accounts; 5-50 affiliate managers contacting them daily on top of receiving a bunch of newsletters and other communication; a large number of monthly single payments from each affiliate program hitting their bank accounts. Often the affiliate needs to manually create an invoice for their bookkeeping for each of these payments as well; conflicts with operators related to payments, getting the deals they need, etc.

Matching Visions won a recognition as the Affiliate Network
of the Year in the 2019 Malta Gaming Awards.

Just following the monthly earnings on a day-to-day level is a time-consuming task for the affiliates. Many of them like to keep a constant eye on their reports. We found out that certain affiliates can do over one thousand logins on different affiliate accounts every month. We realized that we could build a model that would work smarter for the operator as well, but especially for the affiliate. We had a vision of ensuring that affiliates could: promote as many casinos as they wanted to with just a single point of contact; have someone handling the negotiation of deals, dealing with conflicts, chasing payments, etc., for them; see all their stats with one single login; get one single and fast payment for their monthly affiliate activity. It is not that well known in the market that Matching Visions affiliates are paid before the majority of the casinos actually pay us. We have a strict rule of paying affiliates before the 15th of the month, every month.

Matching Visions was the result of that vision and it works as any other affiliate network that people might know from other industries where networks are the norm for affiliates to work with. That vision has resulted in making the lives of operators and affiliates alike much easier. Our core value has from the beginning evolved around the notion of being an affiliate’s best friend. It is a bit of a tag-line, but it really does encapsulate what Matching Visions is all about. A lot of affiliates are under the impression that Matching Visions is just a collection of deals, but we are much more than that. We help affiliates meet compliance demands; we go all-in on understanding their needs and close the type of deals they require to be successful, and we save them massive amounts of time…

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