Baptista (Pay4Fun): “We guarantee our partners they can offer all Brazilian payment methods”

Baptista comments the company has strict KYC (Know Your Client) controls when any account is opened.

In emerging markets, it is always valuable to have a reliable and stable payment company. As CEO of Pay4Fun, Leonardo Baptista, an executive with more than 15 years in the gambling industry, describes the common strategies that the company develops with its partners and the benefits it provides to its clients.

How are you working together with your partners to find variants to respond to the current crisis in the sector due to the Coronavirus?
As a payment method company, we feel the impact on our Sports Betting partners. We are making suggestions for them; for example, to launch deposit promotions using Pay4Fun. We are sharing these costs with them. We also recommend the content diversifying with eSports and Fantasy Games Bets, in addition to other verticals, such as Casino and Poker.

What services are you offering to your clients for them to operate quickly, easily and without added costs?
We are a 100% virtual payment method, focused on the e-wallet model. We facilitate for our users all the available methods in the market so that they can load their accounts at zero cost. We do not charge deposit or withdrawal fees. For our partners and merchants, we guarantee that they can offer all Brazilian methods, and the operational risk (card chargeback, for example) is 100% ours. These are features that make users and customers stay in the comfort of their homes, with safe and quality entertainment.

In which markets is your company present? How do you evaluate current gaming landscape there?
Our company is present in Brazil, and we focus on the Brazilian market. We have partners and merchants from several different countries. We are specialized in Brazil, and the market here has many peculiarities. The regulations have been advancing locally at a fast pace. Pay4Fun is fully prepared and structured to act following Central Bank rules, because we work on the virtual portfolio model. We also have strict KYC (Know Your Client) controls when every account is opened, avoiding any possibility of money laundering (AML policies).