Catamarca and San Juan, first Argentine provinces to reopen their gaming rooms

In San Juan gaming rooms, table games will remain closed and customers will only be able to play at the slots.

After more than 100 days of closure and repeated requests, companies were officially authorized by local Governments to resume operations.

Finally, players from Catamarca and San Juan (Argentina) will be able to enjoy gaming entertainment. Of course, the reopening of the rooms in both territories is accompanied by the implementation of security protocols to prevent possible spread of Coronavirus. Catamarca is the only province in the country that has not an infected person. Clients (80% include 60s+ people) and room employees must wear a face mask, maintain social distance and will have to be sanitized regularly with alcohol gel. Additionally, carpets with disinfectant fluids will be placed in the entrances.

In San Luis, the company IVISA -which controls gambling in the province- announced that it will work with reduced staff (there are a total of 285 employees in the provincial rooms) because only a maximum of 10 clients are allowed in each room. From July 1st, the rooms will be open from Sunday to Thursday (10 am to 8 pm), while Friday and Saturday will be open from 10 am to midnight. These are the Casino located in the Del Bono Hotel, the General Acha street bingo rooms in the center, the Mendoza and Mitre street room, the Benavidez Avenue casino in Chimbas, the Rawson room and the Caucete room.

An important fact is that table games will remain closed and customers will only be able to use the slots. According to information from the sector, 70% of the income of the gaming rooms comes from slots, while the remaining 30% corresponds to live games, cards and roulette.