Colombia: Corredor Empresarial will operate Super Astro

Coljuegos gave Super Astro license to Corredor Empresarial for five years.

According to the Colombian gaming regulator Coljuegos, Corredor Empresarial S.A. was selected after a public bidding process through the Electronic Public Procurement System (Secop) II. Thus, the company will operate the Super Astro game nationwide for the next five years.

The president of Coljuegos, Juan B. Perez Hidalgo, indicated that, at the end of 2019, a 14 percent advance in the collection of exploitation rights from the Super Astro is calculated with respect to the previous period, of $78,893 million (US$23.93 million) in 2018 to $90,231 million (US$27.37 million) in 2019. This means a 13 percent market share in terms of tax collection. For the next five years, a tax collection of $356,363 million (US$108.1 million) is estimated.

How do you play Super Astro? The gambler of this game of luck and chance of the ‘novedoso’ modality indicates the value of his bet and chooses a number of no more than four (4) digits and one (1) of the twelve (12) signs of the zodiac, so that the number and sign coincide with the result obtained in a raffle made live and direct through Channel 1.

For Perez Hidalgo: “It is a game that has gained a very important space in the market, not only for its dynamics, but for its practicality when it comes to betting, as well as for the wide commercial network arranged along the country.”