Fried (BtoBet): “It is important to keep sight of our values and to deliver technological excellence to our partners”

Alessandro Fried, CEO, BtoBet.

Alessandro Fried, CEO of BtoBet, underlines the evolution and success of the White Label Partnership Program, as well as the relevance of data produced by AI and machine learning to enable operators anticipate their players’ tendencies. Regarding Latin America, he affirms the company is very well placed there to maximize all opportunities.

Which were the main associations and partnerships of BtoBet during the last year? How much these agreements have helped the company to boost its commercial global performance?
2019 was a very important year for BtoBet in terms of partnerships under various aspects, so I wouldn’t focus last year’s success solely on a couple of partnerships. However, I must add that we have thoroughly consolidated our position in the markets and have placed ourselves at the industry’s forefront. Our main aim is to maintain this momentum throughout this year as well, by also announcing and adding a series of high profile partnerships to our existing portfolio.

In such a dynamic industry, how to anticipate new trends and lead technological changes? Regarding this, in which way the White Label Partner (WLP) Program has introduced a revolutionary approach to the iGaming industry?
There is no easy answer for this. Technology constitutes the very foundations of the iGaming industry, so all companies involved in this sector are continuously seeking to deliver technological excellence through innovation. As a service provider, we constantly have to put ourselves in the players’ shoes, and see what they expect from their typical betting experience. Only after this player analysis can we put ourselves in a position to anticipate new technological innovations that will essentially deliver a better user experience, in the shortest time-to-market. The White Label Partnership Program has resulted in a huge success and it is relatively easy to understand why. The WLP’s simplified approach coupled with the provision of advanced technology tailored to the local context, local knowledge and operational support are the driving factors in the decisions undertaken by White Label Operators to adopt this particular business approach. One must realize that, especially in emerging markets, a lot of operators are still mainly retail. Thus, they face difficulties when they decide to expand onto the digital channels. The WLP Program provides the perfect solution for these operators by providing them with the knowledge to operate in a local context, and with the core technology they need to digitally expand their gambling business without incurring the burden of having to invest heavily in terms of human resources in order to manage their back office operations.

Why do you think AI technology will further enhance CMR for gaming operators?
The iGaming industry has for some time now been analyzing the player’s behavior. Just like the retail side of the business has for years studied the players’ attitudes, with land-based casinos basing their layout on the assimilation of these attitudes for better player retention, the digital side of the business has been given the same treatment. Data assimilated through the combined process of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning create a databank which enable operators to not only know their players’ needs, but also anticipate their tendencies, whilst also permitting them to figure out what constitute those elements that make them play, quit or change games. In an industry that is based on statistics and mathematical probability, it comes as no surprise that, for operators, tapping into each player’s personal information will eventually be a huge benefit in terms of personalizing the content offered to that particular player.

What have you learned from emerging markets that can help you better approach European market with an innovative strategy?
There is no single formula that works no matter the context in which you operate. Each region, even on a basis of country by country, requires its own unique approach. There have been unmeasurable examples of big name operators who have failed to emulate their success in new markets they ventured in, because they did not truly understand the unique elements that characterize each and every market.

What are your expectations about possible new LatAm territories legalizing iGaming, such as Brazil, Peru and Argentina? How is BtoBet going to take advantage of its strong position in those markets?
Obviously, there is a lot of interest in the recent regulatory updates from the emerging Latin American markets, and we will seek to further expand our operations there. When it comes to Latin America, industry experts rightly place a lot of focus on Brazil with the market having the potential to become the largest in the region. However, even the recent Argentinian regulatory update, with Buenos Aires province legalizing online gaming, provides operators with a huge opportunity. Undoubtedly, we are very well placed to maximize all opportunities in the territory, already being in a very strong position to provide operators seeking to expand their businesses to the Latin American region with our technologies. Not only are our solutions very advanced in terms of the wide flexibility and versatility they offer when it comes to adapting to local market needs, but also from a local payment methods perspective.

What are the future challenges for the company and how are you going to overcome them?
The primary challenge that any performing company has is to maintain its momentum. This obviously comes through innovation, which directly stems from investment and the human resources available to deliver on such targets. I must say that, throughout the past year, the company has grown exponentially, not only in terms of quantity, but especially in terms of quality, with a number of valuable people joining our ranks in all departments. As the team continues to grow, it is important to keep sight of our values, and to constantly deliver technological excellence to our partners. This is a key to BtoBet, as we seek to put operators in the optimal position to differentiate from the competition and provide their target players with a betting experience that truly morphs around their needs. This is what other industries have been doing for a long time, and this is what we envision for the betting industry.