‘G&M 1on1’, a personal meeting with Luiz Felipe Maia

G&M News chose Maia, as part of its ‘G&M 1on1’ cycle, for an unmissable interview.

The Brazilian lawyer, one of the men who know the most about gaming in the South American giant, joined this G&M News talk cycle that deepens in the life and career of the most prominent representatives of the global gambling industry.

Few people in the gaming universe are unaware of the essential role and constant work of Luiz Felipe Maia for the progress of gaming in the Brazilian market. For years, he has been insisting in favor of regulation in this jurisdiction, based on his proven capacity and his understanding of the dynamics of the sector.

Maia is founding partner of FYMSA Advogados, and is in charge of Technology and Gaming Areas, as well as being highly knowledgeable on Government Relationship issues. He primarily advises clients on corporate, contractual, and regulatory matters, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, Internet rights, gaming law, and strategic negotiations in fields related to these subjects. During 2020, he was awarded as “Lawyer of the Year in Brazil” in Gaming Law by two important international publications: Global Law Experts and Corporate International Global Awards, both from the United Kingdom.

That is why, in its permanent commitment to innovation and to offering the highest quality content, G&M News chose Maia, as part of its ‘G&M 1on1’ cycle, for an unmissable interview about his childhood, his family, his interest in law, his beginnings in the legal field, his learning and all of his contribution to the gaming segment, which is now developing the legalization of sports betting in Brazil.

Here, we transcribe some fragments of this online meeting:
On a lawyer’s work (https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6683365361762496512)
“At the end of the day, a lawyer has to make the business run fluidly, in the safest way possible. You must warn your clients about the risks and find legal solutions to problems that daily present.”

About sports betting in Brazil
“I really expect the licenses for sports betting will be issued next year and that we will see a development in the casino segment also in 2021.”

On the need for financial resources after the impact of COVID-19
“I think Brazil is suffering a lot with the Coronavirus, so the country will need any kind of resources to recover. Gaming can become one of those income sources. If we do not experience a political storm in the near future, legalization will take place soon, in the next year or two.”

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