Innovative features for BtoBet’s new Neuron 3 player-centric betting platform

The new Neuron 3 platform of BtoBet will help operators to address the entire players journey and increase their lifetime value.

The iGaming provider based in Gibraltar will unveil a series of advanced characteristics incorporated to its third generation platform, such as a Social Media Betting element and a new Retail solution.

Next week, during ICE London event, BtoBet will launch its new Neuron 3 platform. The product aims to deliver a betting ecosystem that perfectly adapts to today’s player demands, throughout all the stages of the player lifecycle, as they seek a wider betting experience. An interesting element included in the platform is the Social Media Betting feature, specifically considering gamblers strong tendencies to make use of social communicative networks.

Players are now able to search for bets, or directly place their bets from the social media app of their liking, be it Twitter, Facebook, Viber, and Telegram. Not only does the feature provide a very fast way for players to place bets without the need to browse through an endless list of events; it also simplifies the way in which “multiples” type of bets could be placed via a single messaged instruction. Players can also make use of the Social Media betting tool for bet searching, allowing them to find all the selections they want in a single search. Moreover, the social media betting feature presents a number of benefits for operators themselves, being the ideal approach in targeting digital native customers, and especially millennials, thus resulting in increased engagement.

Another element at the core of the Neuron 3 platform is a new Retail solution. This is a fundamental asset for any bookmaker with interest in the retail side of the industry, as they seek to streamline their operations –whatever the channel used by the players–, whilst augmenting the user experience at the land-based stage. Retail agents will be able to make use of a rapid registration process in a bid to transform their anonymous players into non-anonymous customers. In order to streamline the back-office process, agents can also save searches and have them readily available in the form of quick links. Furthermore, the agents will have the possibility to offer a more simplified and quicker betting process, accepting bets that are placed either via email or telephone, or scanning a pre-booked betslip. The placement of the bet will be further quickened with the agents making use of the advanced search and filter tools that filter sporting events by tournament, team and country. Whilst the new solution provides the agents with a range of benefits, the players themselves will also be positively impacted, with those who opt to register being able to earn bonuses and free bets; and also to top-up their balance and withdraw directly from the betshop, with a verification code sent via SMS to the player for security purposes.

In the words of Alessandro Fried, CEO, BtoBet: “Neuron 3 is the result of a lengthy analysis of the player’s behavior and the operator’s ability to address their needs in the minimal time-to-market. We are confident that the new platform will place operators in the advantageous position to truly address the entire player journey, and increasing the player lifetime value. We are addressing this by providing operators with the core technology to facilitate their player interactions in placing their bet, whatever the device, place, time, and communicative channels of choice in a player-centric environment. The end result will be a betting experience with an accentuated entertainment perspective based on the seamless transition of the core technology to adapt to the various scenarios characterizing players’ behavior at a granular level.”

All attendants to stand S1-320 of BtoBet in London are invited to take a deeper look on how Neuron 3 and its integrated features provide a player-centric approach.