Morales ( “We are strongly committed to accompanying our games with promotional tools”

Eddie Morales underlines his company is increasing its business in virtual bets and wagers on non-sporting events.

In this valuable interview, Eddie Morales, Sales Director for LatAm at, tells how his Lithuanian-based company is working hard in spite of the Coronavirus effect. He mentions the new products of the company and points out that, in this context, online casino and social games will be the fastest growing betting modalities.

Beyond the world health crisis caused by the Coronavirus, what opportunities do you think this situation offers for companies like yours, with a wide range of content for the online gaming segment?
Leaving aside the fact of the serious crisis that concerns us, I think that BetGames.TV can be considered lucky for two reasons: the location of its headquarters and its studios, as well as the type of games it offers. Firstly, being located in Lithuania, a country that is containing the virus in an exceptional way, the company can carry out its activity in a normal way. Obviously, teleworking is being prioritized in positions where it is possible and rigorous hygiene and safety protocols are being carried out in the studios. The second reason, the products of BetGames were already perfect as a cross-selling tool between Casino and Sports Betting. They bring the possibility of placing fixed-rate bets on the different results of live events with the theme of Casino, Lottery and other popular games. In the absence of live sporting events, BetGames’ titles go from being a complement to a perfect substitute.

Which type of remote betting you consider will grow the most this year and why: virtual gaming, online casinos, fantasy sports, social casinos, eSports?
For the remainder of the year and as a total annual effect, we must take into account the Coronavirus effect. Its duration varies according to the countries it is affecting. It will also generate a considerable decrease in the GGR, especially in land-based gaming in Casino, Bingos and Sports Betting (the latter includes iGaming too). We should consider ‘the substitution effect’, both from land-based to remote gaming, and from remote to remote. I estimate that the online casino vertical will be the one with the highest growth, clearly on a par with social games in all of its variations. In the third place, I put poker, that will rise its numbers due to its social nature, and finally, virtual bets and bets on non-sporting events. In these latter modalities, I can confirm that BetGames is already experiencing double digit percentage increases in the amount of bets.

What are the latest products launched by your company? How did they perform so far in the markets in which are present?
Last games launched by have been Speedy 7 and 6+ Poker, in addition to the functionalities of Tournament and Jackpot. Beyond our philosophy of innovating with fast, popular and simple games, we are strongly committed to accompanying these games with promotional tools that help operators increase the loyalty and performance of their players. The content offer should not only be ‘good, nice and affordable’, as they say. It must also be increasingly interactive with the player, with more incentives that promote competitiveness and entertainment. About the characteristics of our recent products, 6+ Poker is an interesting variant of Texas Hold’em Poker, with a live broadcast. It has a 1 v. 1 methodology, with odds and results that change according to a deck of 36 cards, from which the ones that are lower to 5 are eliminated. For its part, Speedy 7 is a live card game, where players must predict whether the card that will come out in each round will be red or black, in a game of up to seven rounds. The more hits the player has, the higher his/her prize will be.