Salord (Magellan Robotech): “Innovation is the added value we provide to our customers”

Antonio Salord, Sales Manager for Latin America, Magellan Robotech.

After doing a very good balance of 2019, Antonio Salord, Sales Manager for LatAm of Magellan Robotech, informs how the company prepares to continue expanding its Trident and Midas solutions in the region. In that sense, he underlines the company’s work philosophy and believes that this year there will be advances in the regulation of online gaming in South America.

How would you describe the evolution of your company’s business in the second half of 2019?
We are very satisfied with the work done during 2019. We have progressed in our expansion objective in LatAm and our products are present and in good demand at the beginning of this year 2020. We also expect that the different markets in the region will be regulated as soon as possible. We believe it is a fundamental issue for our growth plans. We have witnessed some political events in the region that slowed down regulatory processes. However, we hope to continue advancing in this area during this season.

Do you suppose then that the regulatory dynamics of online gambling and sports betting in some Latin American countries will consolidate in 2020?
During 2019, we observed some advances in regulatory issues, especially in Brazil, where regulation is almost a fact. In Peru, the regulatory process was affected by the political situation. Similarly, the regulatory entity Mincetur is working to regulate that market at some time during the year. Local operators are optimistic and believe that, by 2020, the regulation could be finalized. However, some guidelines established within the bills presentation must be discussed to adapt them to the reality of the market. While, in Argentina, specifically in the City of Buenos Aires, there were advances in this matter. In November, at SAGSE Buenos Aires show, LOTBA mentioned that the call will be opened once the draft of the technical standard is finished and approved. Apparently, there is no definite date about it. While in the Province of Buenos Aires, we notice a certain setback in regulatory issues due to the current political context. Of course, we will be very aware of the regulatory developments in these territories.

What technologies and platforms of your company are the most recognized by your customers?
As a technology company, we are constantly working on innovations to launch new products or tools to satisfy operators. We understand that innovation and cutting edge technology are very important pillars to deliver products according to the markets where we have presence. One of our most successful products is our virtual football simulator Trident, developed by Magellan Robotech. Trident offers a unique and innovative experience, allowing the user to bet on different events and view them simultaneously, creating a realistic environment for the player. It is a fully customizable product and is available for retail and online channels. We also have our Midas platform for retail, which was developed based on our experience over the years. Midas brings together all Magellan Robotech solutions on the same platform, from sports betting, virtual, horse racing or lotteries. It can be installed on any device, from a computer, a self-service terminal or a tablet. During ICE show in London, we will present our product portfolio along with some new features. We are sure that they will be successful.

Knowing the characteristics of Latin American players and listening to the demands of the operators, what aspects of the range of solutions of your company do you think will give added value to customers and a better experience to bettors?
Our philosophy is to innovate and develop technologies to offer a product that meets the expectations of operators and the end customer. We work to deliver the best possible gaming experience, always adapted to each market and to the needs of the operators. Our products go hand in hand with innovation. That is the added value we provide to our customers. Our experience in the sector is and will be one of the main tools to develop products that are at the forefront of technology. We have the ability to provide innovative solutions in the market, thus generating a differential value for operators and gamblers.

What specific goals has the company set for the Latin American territory in 2020?
We will focus on being present in the main markets, such as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, among others. We must continue working to position our Magellan Robotech brand as a service provider for the gaming sector. As regulatory processes evolve, new opportunities will emerge in the region and we will be ready to take advantage of them and act accordingly.