SiGMA Group amazes the industry with new African gaming exhibitions

An event calendar across four continents places SiGMA Group at the forefront of the international gaming sector.

South Africa, Ghana and Kenya will be the chosen venues to host excellent new fairs over a three-year period, from 2022 to 2024.

The globally recognized SiGMA Group is pleased to proclaim the launch of SiGMA Africa. The event is set to take place in March 2022, with the first show opening in Cape Town, South Africa. SiGMA Africa will also present its super show in Kenya and Ghana, bringing East and West Africa together throughout 2023 and 2024, respectively.

It’s important to notice that SiGMA has a worldwide presence in the gaming scene, with three future events announced: SiGMA LatAm (digital format), on September 22-24th, 2020; SiGMA Europe in Malta (face-to-face), on November 17-19th, 2020, and SiGMA Asia in Manila, the Philippines, on May 27-28th, 2021, also a face-to-face meeting. Regarding new African exhibitions, SiGMA believes that setting the show in multiple regions will offer attendees a more inclusive and comprehensive overview of the vast and widely diverse African markets, increasing opportunities for investment and industry development.

The summit will follow in the footsteps of past events, replicating a successful formula of high-end conferences, carefully curated expo floors, and premier networking opportunities throughout the event, with a prestigious and international guest list expected to attend. Regulatory debate will be high on the agenda, especially as online gambling is currently explicitly allowed or regulated in less than 20% of the African jurisdictions.

With great satisfaction for the incessant growth of his company, Eman Pulis, Founder, SiGMA Group, expressed: “Africa offers an exciting and diverse marketplace, ripe with opportunity. Opening a show in Africa feels like the right move at a time when SiGMA is expanding its portfolio of events. With meetings in Asia, LatAm and Europe, and a revamped website offering translation into six different languages, Africa brings us full circle as a truly international brand.”

Besides, Pulis added: “Why have we chosen Cape Town for our inaugural summit? Our friends at Clarion Gaming are doing a sterling job in Johannesburg and we simply didn’t want to provide more of the same, despite the latter being the business capital. Cape Town, however, lends itself exceptionally well as a tourist destination, coupled with the fact that several gaming companies are also based there. It’s safe, fun and the facilities there are exceptional. Coronavirus-permitting, I can’t wait to head to Cape Town myself as soon as possible to check the facilities out!”

Boasting a population of 59 million, South Africa offers gaming industry stakeholders a fast-emerging, tech-savvy marketplace, with plenty of potential for development, leaving the doors wide open for future opportunities in this sector. Kenya is also closely linked to SiGMA’s charitable arm, the SiGMA Foundation. The Foundation has supported the Kilimanjaro Challenge in financing several educational projects in Ethiopia and Kenya through almost twenty years of expeditions, and raising a million euro towards kindergartens, schools, clinics and water projects in those two territories.