Sportradar presents the new Simulated Reality product range

The first simulated reality games will offer a comprehensive range of pre-match and live betting opportunities.

The innovative solution will be launched on Friday, April 3rd, covering the top-tier football leagues from England, Germany and Spain.

Sportradar, a global provider of sports content and intelligence, anticipates the unveiling of Simulated Reality, an AI-driven product for professional sports matches, which will be made available to customers within its existing portfolio of events. In an industry first, Sportradar has tapped into its AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver a sports betting experience which is as close to real life as possible, seamless and with no integration needed.

Thanks to Sportradar’s historical football database and statistical output to provide match data for the product, the first simulated reality games will offer a comprehensive range of pre-match and live (in-play) betting opportunities. The simulations will reflect team form and normal match play, creating an advanced gaming experience. Fans will have the chance to complete the current football season (in popular leagues of England, Germany and Spain), with all remaining fixtures scheduled to be played as per their original date and kick-off time. They will be able to bet on their favorite teams, access match analysis and league tables, while the game itself will be visualized by live match trackers. In the near future, he company plans to extend its Simulated Reality product to several other leagues and competitions, with other sports earmarked for production, including tennis and basketball.

About the product, Carsten Koerl, CEO of Sportradar, expressed: “We have carefully listened to our customers and the betting community who have made it clear there is an appetite for alternative means of betting during this time, where this is a void in live sports action. Simulated Reality will give our sports betting partners seamless access to a highly unique product that is first to market at no extra cost and integration. As market leaders in the industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly pivot our business strategy and redirect our resources towards delivering innovative solutions such as this.”