Team Seven stands out for its contribution of experience and knowledge

Ana Maria Padros, founder and general manager at Team Seven.

In the second edition of the recent Peru Juegos showroom, held in Lima, there was an important participation of Team Seven, a new company that was founded at the beginning of this year. This boutique consulting proposal seeks to serve many medium and small gaming rooms that need a personalized marketing strategy, as well as giving advice to gaming manufacturers.

Its founder and general manager, Ana Maria Padros, has a lot of experience in large gaming companies, such as Cirsa and IGT. During this year, the company’s goal has been to spread the word about its services and contact potential customers. “The idea is that there is closeness between the consultant and the company to which the service is being provided,” says Padros, who adds: “Our objective is to settle in the market, maintain and grow.”

The experienced executive thinks that gambling in Peru is part of a very mature market, with stable regulation and large companies that are buying other smaller groups. “It is the process that is being developed here and that aims to deepen the professionalization of the sector,” she considers.

In order to follow this trend, Team Seven has a lot to contribute to the industry, both in Peru and in the rest of Latin America. Padros concludes: “We seek to provide information, knowledge and training, tools that I acquired after 20 years of work in the industry. We want to help small and medium casinos to be more efficient in their daily management, especially at the strategic level.”