TransAct partners with Acres 4.0

Epicentral will now be able to act on real-time information making promotional and bonus programs even more effective for casino operators around the globe.

Acres 4.0 and TransAct Technologies (TransAct) announced an association that will help elevate the benefits of TransAct’s Epicentral 4.0 promotion and bonusing print system by delivering realtime, large scale data fed by Acres 4.0’s CyberMax system. By leveraging the higher level of real-time player data and play events made possible by CyberMax, Epicentral 4.0 can create more effective return-focused targeted promotions and bonuses that benefit casino operators. On the next week, TransAct will demonstrate the new capabilities made possible by this partnership at G2E 2019 (Booth #2423) in Las Vegas, U.S.

CyberMax is a revolutionary slot system that gives casinos total ownership and control of detailed behavioral data about their players and games. The foundation of CyberMax is a fast data pipeline that instantly delivers data to casino operators and any vendor with whom they choose to share the data. With CyberMax, operators receive exponentially more data because reports occur in real-time with every wager, including large amounts of information ignored by existing player tracking systems. This enables casino-approved third party solutions such as Epicentral 4.0 to deliver enhanced benefits to casino operators from their offerings.

As for TransAct’s Epicentral 4.0, it offers casinos a significant leap forward with new and improved features designed to increase slot performance while providing operators more powerful software that helps optimize deployment. Epicentral is an industry unique promotion and bonusing system that drives improved player engagement, increased player loyalty and enhanced slot floor performance through the delivery of printed coupons and bonuses at the device. Epicentral 4.0 is the first SaaSbased software version of the solution which dramatically shifts the capabilities of what the system can do for operators.

Noah Acres, VP of Marketing for Acres 4.0, stated: “CyberMax gives casinos unprecedented ability to enhance the player experience. With access to player and machine data that is exponentially more robust and delivered in real-time, casinos are able to identify and fulfill player needs like never before. We’re thrilled to partner with TransAct and their Epicentral 4.0 solution, which using CyberMax, will be able to precisely deliver the right content to the right player at the right time.”

Bart C. Shuldman, Chairman and CEO of Transact Technologies, commented: “With CyberMax, there is now a way to overcome the limitations of existing slot floor systems that do not send detailed information on player events and often take up to 15 minutes to send this information to Epicentral. By working with the CyberMax solution, Epicentral will receive significantly more player data and play events in real-time without having to go through the casino’s slot system. Our partnership with Acres 4.0 will enable Epicentral to act on real-time information thereby making promotional and bonus programs even more effective for casino operators around the globe. Real-time information sharing is something no other company has been able to deliver in casino settings to-date, and we believe this represents a game-changing opportunity for application providers such as TransAct.”