Uruguay: Lacalle Pou confirms Ricardo Berois as Head of Lottery

Ricardo Berois, new responsible for the Uruguayan National Department of Lotteries and Pools.

The recently elected president designated authorities for the various government ministries and offices, including the National Department of Lotteries and Pools.

New president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, approved the names of the directors of the ministries, after receiving the proposals of the Colorado Party, Cabildo Abierto, the People’s Party and the Independent Party. As estimated, Ricardo Berois will direct the Lottery institute.

A public notary, 62 years, married, with a daughter, Berois has more than 20 years of experience in politics. In 1977, he started working in the national administration in the Lottery segment. He was Director of Lotteries in 1992. Later, he had functions as a deputy and parliamentarian at the Latin American level.

Last year, he retired from politics to focus on one of his passions, rural production, as leader of the Rural Federation. There he discussed different measures to improve the development of the sector in the country. Now, invited by Lacalle Pou due to his experience, he decided to resume the political sphere.