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The site delivers the fastest live scores, real-time odds updates, on-pitch statistics and news. Company has built the most user-friendly, comprehensive, innovative and value-added information website about online betting.

Since its inception and over the course of several years, Oddspedia established itself as one of the biggest international affiliates in the sports betting world.
Since its inception and over the course of several years, Oddspedia established itself as one of the biggest international affiliates in the sports betting world.

Co-founded in 2014 by Jan Möller and Jeton Kodia, Oddspedia is an international iGaming affiliate focused on sports betting data: livescores, sports results, betting odds comparison and betting tools like sure bets finder, dropping odds and others. The main goal of the company is to provide valuable, competitive and user-friendly services for sports betting fans, players and publishers worldwide. The flagship project is Oddspedia.com, an impressive odds comparison site which was recently upgraded to version 2.0. Now, Oddspedia is an all-in-one portal that can serve the needs of everyone interested in sports, casual fans and hardcore bettors alike. In addition, the company develops dozens of other websites specializing in sports betting and online casinos.

According to Jan Möller’s description of the product: “With our pre-match and live odds, Oddspedia continues to create the best possible user experience for all customers. Also, with all our other data, we want to satisfy sports fans in general. Our mission is to provide all the information a sports fan visiting our site might want and need, no matter which country he/she is from or what kind of device he/she is using. We are constantly striving to be the ultimate source of information for sports and betting fans. One great thing we’ve done is to make Oddspedia available in five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian. In this sense, we are specifically targeting Spanish speaking markets, such as Spain, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, among others.”


Last September, Oddspedia launched a new site and Sport Data Widgets for publishers. The web was completely redesigned, with a broader coverage of sports, as well as a refined look and feel. Now, sport fans can enjoy faster live scores, wider sports coverage, breaking news, statistics and real-time updates on match information and betting odds. Oddspedia compares more than 80 bookmakers from all over the world, allowing the users to check the odds comparison tool both before the match has started and while it’s played live. Besides, the news section pulls together both in-house created content and a feed for hundreds of leading online media outlets.

Oddspedia.com has received a product extension in the form of the Oddspedia Widgets. The widgets aim to help webmasters improve user experience, provide useful information and monetize their traffic better. The clicks are distributed 50-50 between publishers and Oddspedia, allowing for effective profit sharing. They receive all Feeds and Data completely for free, to increase their profits and the value of their website with just a few clicks. Implementing the widgets into their website is as easy as copy/pasting an embed code. The idea behind these widgets is to help webmasters all around the world improve their websites by providing real time sports and sports betting data to their users. It is a comprehensive solution which is ready to use, easy to integrate, and, at the same time, brings an additional option to monetizing traffic. Webmasters can choose between more than 30 sports and hundreds of leagues in five different languages. The site offers two types of widgets:

a) Odds comparison widget: As the name suggests, the widget brings full-featured odds comparison. Webmasters will make their users happier with the help of sports and betting data from more than 80 bookmakers, presented in a very clear, easy to understand way. This is a free tool that lets users find the best possible odds to maximize their profits from betting.

b) Match center widget: This is a perfect solution if webmasters want to provide live score and live betting information to their users for a specific match. A lot of different sports are available, and webmasters are able to customize the information until it suits their needs. This widget is great for sharing the excitement of an important match with users or fans, making it possible to create dedicated pages or sections in the websites for that purpose.

With the help of the widgets’ API and Oddspedia’s data feeds, based on JSON/XML, webmasters can even build whole pages dedicated to different sports and show the right information to their users, effectively making their very own odds comparison service. Both of these widgets can be configured to blend seamlessly with the design of any website. Webmasters have the opportunity to choose colors, types of data and sports that they want to display. They offer a modern and attractive design combined with clean and fast code. The widgets look good on all devices, resolutions and browsers, and are fully responsive. There is also geo-targeting available, which can make things even more personalized and relevant for each user. By adding this amazing feature to their product, the Oddspedia team was able to deliver a substantially improved customer experience, followed by increased traffic growth and higher customer conversion rates. To find more information or even register and try these widgets, you can head out to https://widgets.oddspedia.com/.