Pay4Fun agrees with Nuvei to expand its payment method offering

Through this association, Pay4Fun customer base will access online, mobile, in-store and omnichannel payment solutions in an simpler and faster way.

Optimization, agility and security are the main advantages of this integration between two important companies.
Optimization, agility and security are the main advantages of this integration between two important companies.

Following an ambitious and scalable growth program, Pay4Fun has materialized a valuable partnership with Nuvei, one of the largest global electronic payment processing companies. After huge 2020 progress, in 2021, Pay4Fun renews its commitment to excellence in service. Is that, last year, this Brazilian fintech managed to have a 320% increase in business, attracting not only customers, but also multiple partners to add more content and possibilities to its platform. Today, the company exceeds the mark of 148 partners, including entertainment sector giants such as 188Bet, Betfair, Pokerstars, and, in addition to mobility, streaming and other services, like Uber, Claro, Sky, Tim, Vivo, IMVU, Spotify, Blizzard and Steam.

As for Nuvei, it gained even more strength in 2019, when it acquired another payment market giant, Safe Charge, leading the payment sector and providing its clients with technology, strategic solutions, security and agility.

According to Leonardo Baptista, CEO of Pay4Fun: “The deal with Nuvei is very relevant to us because it expands the possibilities of our company’s operations in new markets, also bringing more benefits to our partners and customers. We are always looking to innovate and improve the services already offered. This is a task that never stops and one which we are very proud of.”

This agreement, which intends to take advantage of Nuvei’s experience, is an important step to capitalize on Pay4Fun’s growth in Latin America and expand horizons with national partners. Proof of this is that, recently, the fintech also launched several products, such as Pay4Fun Store and Pay4Fun Card Mastercard. In order to facilitate customers’ financial transactions, the company even made the Pay4Fun App available. The app carries out withdrawal and deposit transactions via PIX. This is a new chapter in the history of Pay4Fun. Being able to count on the participation of Nuvei is to add to the equation a special fuel to take off with full steam on the way to assured success in its operations throughout the Latin American region.