Persistent, determined and bold

Cecilia Murillo, Commercial and Marketing Director at Cirsa Mexico, was chosen for our ‘Women of the Sector’ section. She is an executive who is not afraid of facing new challenges, promotes diversity in the work environment and knows how to balance her life with different interests and activities that attract her.

Innovation, the planning of strategies and a positive outlook to achieve the best results are characteristics that define her and anticipate a promising working future.
Innovation, the planning of strategies and a positive outlook to achieve the best results are characteristics that define her and anticipate a promising working future.

In this article, we will meet Cecilia Murillo, a passionate, committed and motivated woman, who always tries to find solutions to face the different challenges of her daily life. She has a degree in Marketing, graduated from one of the most important universities in Mexico, the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM). In addition, she has a Diploma in Communication and Social Media from the same university, she is a postgraduate in Business Management from the Center for Executive Training and Improvement (ICAMI, Mexico) and has a certification in Executive Digital Education, endorsed by the Columbia Business School + Google.

With 13 years of professional experience, this directive stands out in areas such as brand development, leadership in the management of high-performance multidisciplinary teams and the definition of marketing strategies to help growth business. Throughout her career, she has been part of different teams in well-known multinational companies, such as Coca-Cola, L’Oréal and Mercado Libre. In November 2019, she joined the gaming operator Cirsa as Commercial and Marketing Director in Mexico. The group has presence in 19 countries in Europe and Latin America. Regarding her current job, she comments: “My goals are to integrate new technologies into operational and analytical processes, as well as new communication channels to more efficiently manage contact with customers, and positively enhance positioning in the industry, eliminating taboos and expanding by engaging with young demographics.”


Murillo recalls her first steps in the sector, when three years ago she was called to meet by a gambling company. “Initially, this puzzled me, because I have never had a contact with this industry in a professional way. However, the opportunity to launch something from scratch, such as an online gambling platform, caught my eye. I had to develop the entire 360º strategy, focused on user acquisition, as well as structuring the team, incorporating agencies, performing UX tasks with the IT team and suppliers, and starting the relationship with Google and Facebook for investment and permits. I was in that company for two years. We were able to grow from 3,000 to 200,000 users in only one year,” she says.

On the attractions of the gaming industry, she mentions her interest on its innovative nature and the ability to break paradigms and reach younger generations and new markets. She understands that it is a key to focus on customers, get to know them thoroughly, connect with them with different approaches and automate processes for a more agile analysis. By the way, an essential aspect of this bond with clients is the promotion of responsible gaming. Then, she remarks: “It is about our ethical and moral commitment to our clients. At the same time, it allows others to see that the gambling industry is an entertainment option among so many others. We always promote self-control over the time and money dedicated to this activity.”


It is clear that, in the sector, there should be no difference regarding executive roles for men and women. “It is a human right to be able to be considered as equals, all with the same capacities. The task of a woman in gaming has the same importance as that of a man,” Cecilia expresses with strong determination.

In her consideration, the integration of the working group in a diverse environment is an essential factor for innovation and problem solving. Being able to count on several points of view on the same subject expands the possibilities of growth, and the exchange of ideas generates enriching proposals. “Diversity gives a broader range of visions that helps to discover problems earlier and to achieve solutions, quickly detecting new opportunities,” she states. About the sector, she encourages the participation of more women, supporting interpersonal communication. She also believes that people should rely more on cooperation before competition, always promoting teamwork.


As we always say, a daily job commitment must be accompanied too by a balanced, healthy life, which helps avoiding stress. This is the way Cecilia considers this issue, when highlighting: “Every day, I check on my agenda, trying to coordinate both professional tasks and free personal moments. Sometimes, it seems like the job is never finished. I have learned to prioritize activities, define daily goals, and set specific times,” she details. When talking about her hobbies and interests to strengthen her physical and mental health, she shares: “I love sports: hiking and playing paddle. I like challenges, trying new things, competing with myself and continuing to evolve in a positive way. Besides, I really love getting to know different places and living new experiences.”

That positive approach also appears when she refers to her future projects. With regard to her work, after the pandemic context, she searches for closer, daily goals. She will try to consolidate on her current position and, in a post-pandemic scene, to face new challenges, gaining more knowledge about digital evolution and consumption as a priority.

In one line

A book: “The Analyst” (John Katzenbach, 2002)

A movie: “The Pursuit of Happiness” (Gabriele Muccino, 2006)

Favorite music: piano music

A fragrance: Manifesto, by Yves Saint Laurent

A place to live: Australia

A place for vacations: La Paz, in the state of Baja California Sur (Mexico)

A place for dining out: ‘La Nacional,’ with the best cuts of meat, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (Mexico)

A meal: Mexican

A drink: tinto de verano (Spanish cocktail that combines red wine and lemonade)

A sport: track and field

A teacher/mentor: Manuel Murillo, my father, with a professional career of 50+ years