Recommendations to affiliates to boost web traffic and increase their earnings

In a gaming sector where it is difficult to attract new bettors, the role of affiliates is key to helping operators increase player registrations to their platforms. To this end, a series of actions must be taken. Our expert Alvaro Paz-Lopez de Ayala details those procedures in this exclusive column.

By Alvaro Paz-Lopez de Ayala, LatAm Regional Manager at*



If you have a web page with constant traffic and/or a WhatsApp/Facebook group or some social network that you can influence, then this article is for you. The affiliate system is a form of association without exclusivity that requires no investment from you or from the betting company/casino by which, thanks to your traffic, you receive economic benefits. The higher the traffic and the quality of the player are, the better are the profits you get.

The traffic generated by a web page or social network has to do with the views or organic or paid members that arrive and interact with the site on a monthly basis. This volume of people helps to increase the chances of obtaining large profits, whether with quality potential players or not, although that does not mean that with a small volume you cannot have quality players. A quality player is one who plays constantly and his/her minimum deposit is higher than that of common players. This minimum amount changes according to the country or city in which he/she lives. There is no globally established minimum.


Beyond having a website (or WhatsApp group or social network) with a lot of traffic, to continue promoting it, all you have to do is recommend and motivate people to enter the site. Neither have you needed to make big changes to the website nor to create content at all times. The main objective is to convert your traffic and your followers into sales. Once the recommended player is registered on the company’s website, he/she already integrates your referrals, from which you will obtain passive profits.

Your task is to recommend and/or motivate a platform to third parties, and earn a commission for each sale you refer. It is a very profitable system, since no type of investment is necessary on your part, especially in our field of sports betting and online casinos. Affiliates are so important to operators that they receive exclusive benefits, personalized advertising and all kinds of digital incentives to motivate potential players. All this is due to the fact that when you win, the company does it too. It’s a perfect win-win situation.

Of course, there are no limits to the winnings you can make. Generally, on the payment scale, affiliates tend to keep between 20% and 50% of the profits made by their clients. This depends on each betting company.

The companies provide a control platform for each affiliate, in which they can see all the relevant information about the traffic generated in a specific channel (website and/or social network) in real time. This tool is very useful because you can have control of the earnings and the development of your recommendations. Do not hesitate when it comes to getting involved in the sector! Go ahead and offer your services to online bookmakers and, if you are skilled enough and lead people to a channel, you will enjoy great benefits.


*With recognized, long-time experience in the gaming and betting industry, Alvaro Paz-Lopez de Ayala is LatAm Regional Manager at Previously, he represented 1xBet Odds in Latin America. Through several years of touring and working in different global markets, this executive has provided his services to operators from various latitudes, always with a clear knowledge of local regulations, the dynamics of online gambling and the characteristics of their bettors.

With a degree in International Relations and Foreign Affairs, Paz-Lopez de Ayala is also a private airplane pilot. He speaks Spanish, English, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.