Reliable, sincere and very professional

Liliana Alejandra Candelino, Aristocrat’s Latin America Business Development Manager, has been doing her best for twenty consecutive years to help progress the global entertainment industry. In that sense, we have chosen her as an example to imitate for our section ‘Women of the Sector.’ We invite our readers to learn more about some aspects of her career and to discover why she lives life to the fullest, with enthusiasm and responsibility.

Candelino is a warm, self-demanding and dedicated executive who inspires trust and confidence in clients.
Candelino is a warm, self-demanding and dedicated executive who inspires trust and confidence in clients.

“I started in this industry almost 20 years ago and I can’t imagine doing anything else,” assures Liliana Candelino, current Business Development Manager for Latin America at Aristocrat, one of the world’s leading gaming manufacturers. The executive has studies in Economics and decided to delve into finance in Argentina. Her entire life has been passionately dedicated to the gaming sector, with a praised career at leading industry firms, in areas such as sales, administration, logistics, legal, and compliance, among others.


After two decades in the business, Liliana has managed to overcome various challenges thanks to her drive, her commitment and her permanent search for excellence in her responsibilities. She is also an expert negotiator. “I always try to find the right balance to favors parties, the client and the company, thus building relationships based on trust, which last over time,” she points out. Her job is funded on personal characteristics such as responsibility, discipline and great communication skills, aspects that have helped her quickly gain customers’ loyalty.

Other faces of her personality allow her to meet goals and receive approval from her peers. “I am passionate about what I do. I enjoy visiting casinos and working hard on a valuable proposition that boosts the expansion of Aristocrat products in operators’ portfolios, in order for them to increase their income and return of investment. In that sense, sales activity amuses me,” she admits.

When it comes to defining herself, she says she is “very passionate and committed, but mainly upright and sincere. I am also obsessive about excellence at work.” She expresses this professionalism in the process of strengthening bonds with clients, making them feel safe and confident. This is where the promotion of Responsible Gaming reaches a greater dimension. “It is essential to make people aware so that they understand that playing is only for fun. The gaming industry employs thousands of families and the taxes return to the community. Responsible and regulated gambling brings benefits to all of the stakeholders,” she maintains with conviction.


She also believes equity and diversity are principles all companies should adopt. “The integration of women into the labor market is fundamental,” she underlines. “We are true agents of change for society. Likewise, we can develop our full potential and help an organization to achieve its objectives or to complete a particular project,” she adds.

Regarding the socio-political dilemmas of Latin America, Candelino expresses: “On this region, women are experts in crisis management and in adapting to changes; a logical consequence of the tough situations we have experienced. This ability to handle processes of transformation and to deal with uncertainties and ambiguities is indispensable for the success of any company. We are trained to take into account the human side of people and create high levels of empathy.”


As she progressed in her work experience, this directive knew how to accommodate all the edges of her life so that they fit perfectly, being able to effectively develop in each extent, and giving the best of her. When she started at the gaming sector, her children were small. Today, they are already in college. They have accompanied her throughout this entire process. Regarding how she balances both spaces, she indicates: “I have taken this continuous search for excellence from my job into my personal life. These are areas that I have been able to integrate. My three children love to travel to Las Vegas. They grew up watching me prepare my luggage to attend various shows and events in casinos, and participate in corporate meetings. I was always taking care of them, without neglecting my job.”

This example of emphasizing the importance of fulfilling responsibilities, but not neglecting bonds, is a key to Liliana. Of course, the intensity of her professional activities also requires that she can find some peaceful moments to entertain and relax. “I like to cook for my friends and my children. I prepare many home-cooked meals for them. On Saturdays, we always go out with my husband, the two alone. It is a special moment for us, for the couple. If I think of full relaxation, nothing better than being next to a swimming pool, chatting with a friend and drinking a glass of champagne,” she imagines as the preferred situation for resting.

Finally, she chooses an upbeat ending to the interview that reflects her approach to life and her need to be close to good people. “I hope that this pandemic is definitely eradicated, and that we can all return to normal. In the future, I see myself super active, working at Aristocrat, surrounded by great colleagues and my beloved family, who always support me,” she concludes, happy and satisfied.

In one line

A book: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (Robert Kiyosaki y Sharon Lechter, 1997)

A movie: “Southpaw” (Antoine Fuqua, 2015)

Favorite music: all romantic songs in English

A fragrance: Omnia Crystalline, by Bvlgari

A place to live: Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m not leaving anymore.

A place for vacations: any beach with white sand

A place for dining out: Osaka BA

A meal: sushi

A drink: champagne

A sport: I’m not a sports person

A teacher/mentor: my first boss, the accountant Carlos Otto Krause