Rosenberg (American iGaming Solutions): “TGA Courses are a professional learning experience for all attendees”

Jason ‘Wolf’ Rosenberg, CEO/Founder, American iGaming Solutions, has 18 years of online gaming industry experience and has provided expertise and strategic solutions to over 50 gaming operations in the Caribbean, United States, and Europe. Now, he will travel to Latin America to share his knowledge with local operators.

A Clarion Gaming’s successful learning initiative, Jason Rosenberg will be part of Totally Gaming Academy Masterclasses in South America. A Clarion Gaming’s successful learning initiative, Jason Rosenberg will be part of Totally Gaming Academy Masterclasses in South America.

Online Gaming Masterclasses in Latin America are already a huge success!

Jason ‘Wolf’ Rosenberg and Itsik Akiva will explain how to operate profitably in the competitive market of online gambling and the complex minefield of financial, operational, and legal risks it entails. The August 22nd-23rd 2-day course in Celebra Building (Zonamerica, Montevideo, Uruguay) is already sold out! However, there are still some places, only for Fecoljuegos associates, in the August 20th 1-day course at Gaming Columbia 2019 (Grand Hyatt, Bogota, Columbia). To book a place or have more data, please get in touch with Adam Roebuck at or +34 6 6204 6689.

New Clarion Gaming’s courses will be available soon in Latin America. Interested executives can send email to make sure they receive the info on time!

As a speaker, it is always difficult to catch the interest of those attending a course for a long time. What is your strategy to develop an attractive and interactive presentation that stimulates the participation of executives and, at the same time, gives them valuable learning elements for their businesses?

The key is engagement. I think the best thing that speakers can do is make their presentations entertaining. I specifically try to inject humor and make everyone laugh; otherwise, it gets boring really fast. In addition to laughter, I make the subject matter come to life with real life examples, while also asking the audience about their experiences.

What advantages do the Totally Gaming Academy Masterclasses (Clarion Gaming) have over other similar proposals? What will be the five highlights about online gaming that will be discussed in your next August courses in Columbia and Uruguay?

TGA Courses are really quite special. With TGA, so much more preparation and work behind the scenes happen than with other similar set ups, that the end result is a professional learning experience for all attendees. In addition to this, they bring expert trainers that have real life experience in what they are teaching, not just someone that goes around on the speaking circuit from conference to conference. The instructors are not asked to teach things they don’t really know about. Since the course in Montevideo is two full days, there are some extra content modules that we won’t get to teach in Columbia. In my opinion, the five highlights that will be covered in both courses will be: attendees will learn how an online operation really makes money, how to measure how well they are doing, how to effectively use bonuses, how to acquire new players, and how to retain the ones they already have.

According to your point of view, what were the major advances of Latin American iGaming in the last 3 years and what processes still need to be achieved in the future?

The biggest advances have come from the legal side. Columbia is ahead of everyone with their regulations, and we have Argentina and Brazil on the way. This will be the key to better technology, better payments. This results in higher revenue for the operators and a better offering for the players. Payment processors are still a big issue from everyone that I have spoken to in Latin America, but I know of several payment providers and some very good operating platforms that are preparing solutions specifically for LatAm.

In an ever-complicated socio-economic LatAm context, how do you think operators should work to improve their interaction with regulatory authorities, suppliers and certifiers in order to generate a positive synergy that favors the evolution of iGaming in the region?

It’s essential to have proper education and strategy. As an operator, we need proper education on how all of the pieces fit together, and it is ongoing. It never ends. We also want to educate the regulators, suppliers, and testing labs on the challenges we are facing. The best gaming jurisdictions are the ones that have open lines of communications between all of these parties. We’ve seen this done very well, and we’ve also realized the industry stifled when this communication does not happen.