Shifren (Meridian Worldwide): “We are searching for companies that want to grow and expand its operations”

Zach Shifren, Marketing Manager of Meridian Worldwide, explains some features of the company’s offering and considers the challenges of expanding to new iGaming markets.

Zach Shifren, Marketing Manager, Meridian Worldwide.
Zach Shifren, Marketing Manager, Meridian Worldwide.

In which territories does your company operate?
Meridian Worldwide has significant operations in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and South America, with an extensive portfolio of gaming and betting products. By leveraging Meridian’s Bet Shop Manager platform, companies can gain access to a network with over 30 years of service in Europe. The group works in 46 countries, with more than 1,000 betting shops.

How is your company positioning regarding the expansion of iGaming in the United States?
We want to increase our presence in this market, meet new partners and clients, and keep on understanding how the sector evolves: regulatory issues, taxes, business opportunities. As software providers, we have a solution for operators with a full package that contained live betting, sports betting and online casino. Everything has expanded very rapidly in the U.S., with more and more States legalizing iGaming and sports betting. We are looking to connect operators that are interested in our platform, our technology and our experience.

What are the most remarkable features of your offering?
We are constantly developing and updating our sportsbook platform. Besides, our product is flexible enough to adapt to different needs of operators in any regulated jurisdiction. United States is nothing new to us, that we have never seen before, considering our extensive expertise in Europe and other markets. We know that U.S. customer is more interested in statistics than the European one, so we have the ability to scale our solution based on what we have previously done in other territories.

Besides the U.S., are you planning to conquer new markets?
We are constantly looking for new territories to install our brand and products, and Latin America is quite a market with great potential, advancing with iGaming legislation. Of course, finding the right local partner is important to us. We are searching for a company really committed, that wants to grow and expand its operations. Our future is based on innovation, so we will continue enhancing our platform. For the U.S. market, big data is a key, so we will be offering all statistics U.S. operators need.