Ten key interviews of G&M News in 2020

We are approaching the end of the year and, when checking the abundant material that the multiplatform produced this season for the gaming sector, we decided to select 10 English interviews with leaders of the industry.

Gambling executives can now take a closer look at some of the best interview we made this year.
Gambling executives can now take a closer look at some of the best interview we made this year.

A complex 2020 is finishing. At the same time, it was a year full of opportunities. G&M News received recognition from the gaming segment for its proposal of developing different, original content with an academic focus. This is what happened with the dozens of articles shared on our website, our newsletters and our social networks. To facilitate our gaming readers to once again enjoy this excellent material, we chose 10 in-depth, engaging English interviews, offering a broad, clear overview of the industry. We present them here in chronological order.

1) Drew Pawlak, VP, Latin America, and GM, Mexico, at AGS, details on the company’s business in US, LatAm and Europe, talks about the ‘incredible’ inner corporate culture and informs of the successful convergence of their land-based titles to the online sector.


2) Albert Radman, Sales Director of Alfastreet, said the company stood out at ICE London show for its innovative roulettes and its new single terminal Verso. The executive also mentions the hard work of sales and distribution teams to help customers meet their demands.


3) Santiago Indart, Business Manager for Latin America at Eightroom, comments on the company’s affiliate model and its broad portfolio of solutions. Moreover, he analyzes Brazilian gaming landscape and the future of iGaming in LatAm.


4) In this challenging scene for the industry, Alessandro Fried, CEO of BtoBet, assures that, through his company’s Neuron 3 gaming and betting platform, they can expand operators’ options to diversify their business models and capitalize on the online solutions.


5) Magnus Olsson, Head of Sales and Account Management at Play’n GO, highlights the successful evolution of the company, based on the development of attractive, varied and creative products. As for LatAm, he says that it has limitless potential and is a growth initiative for the firm.


6) Mario Ovcharov, CEO at UltraPlay, evaluates the history of his 10-year-old company, describes its exclusive solutions, explains why the Esports segment has grown so much, and anticipates future trends in the industry.


7) Evert Montero Cardenas, president at Fecoljuegos, remarks the value of the union’s representation in society. He comments on the gradual process of application of protocols in Colombian gambling rooms, and promotes the strengthening of relations with Government, regulatory body Coljuegos and the banking sector.


8) Christian Jabon, Vice President, Business Solutions at Analytics Intell, explains main features of Casino Intell floor mapping technology. Via a partnership with Gamburo Gaming Solutions, the company has incorporated Laura Medina as Senior Business Development and Sales Representative, LatAm, in order to expand to Latin America and help casino operators in the region.


9) Xavier Besseau, Senior Sales Executive for Europe and Latin America at Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), speaks about the benefits of the company’s omnichannel platform and the GiG Logic automation engine. He also stresses on the group’s progress in Europe, and affirms that Latin America is the new mecca for online gaming.


10) Florencia Brancato, Country Manager, LatAm, at Pinnacle, points out the importance of delving into local markets in the region. She underlines the need to educate and promote issues such as affiliate systems and digital payment methods, and expresses that Esports are one of the verticals with the greatest growth potential.