An entrepreneur and a reference in the gaming sector, Ramiro Atucha (Vibra Gaming) understands that the pandemic confirmed the urgency of having iGaming regulated markets in LatAm. As for Argentina, he suggests to unify criteria to present quality solutions to users on multiple devices. In that sense, he sets an example for his company, which provides both platforms and contents with an omnichannel approach.

By Ramiro Atucha, CEO, Vibra Gaming*


Sometimes, crises seem to bring out issues more clearly than periods of ‘normality.’ These times of COVID-19 are an example and all sectors are being affected in one way or another, including our industry. Lotteries are showing collection problems, which have interrupted States’ charitable actions usually made with that money. Casinos were also significantly impacted by the pandemic in their operations, generating loss of income and jobs. Besides, there is the case of some countries where only sports betting is available as a regulated online game. There, all activity was canceled. In addition to the losses and difficulties mentioned, many of these paralysis scenarios contribute to the increase in unregulated gambling. For this reason, I believe that online gambling regulation is taking on new relevance and validity in Latin America, especially, in Argentina.

Beyond being an interested party, I have always believed that this is the direction in which we must move on for the industry to create more jobs, and for Governments to collect more taxes. In countries with no regulation, people play the same and the illegal sector grows. It is worth clarifying that when we talk about ‘promoting the sector,’ we refer to gambling as one form of entertainment in which most players decide to have a good time making bets in regulated sites.

This is one of the many factors why the quality of products and service provided by different online casinos is important. Here, regulation also plays its part. In Argentina, gambling depends on each of the 24 provincial Governments independently. Although it is a similar case (in form) to that of the U.S., this territory would not be a reference for fair comparison, because both markets have very different sizes and economic realities. In addition, our country has a great disparity in population and financial stability between the various provinces. This is likely to generate different offers, not only in betting quantity and quality, but also in the type of regulation and control.

Although we understand that it is almost a chimera, it would be essential that all Argentine provinces could adhere to the same regulatory, certification and product availability standards, thus allowing the industry to serve the country as a whole. This does not have to interfere or hinder the separation between tax collection and distribution, depending on the player’s place of origin or declared domicile. In this way, a competitive offer would be achieved in all the provinces without harming the collection capacity of each one of them. These even conditions between the different territories would also discourage certain players from turning to foreign sites arguing they cannot find truly competitive products and content in their provinces.

With regard to that competitiveness, and speaking of Vibra Gaming in particular, although the games we develop are focused on the main markets in the region, they can be launched everywhere. Our previous experience in European markets helps our products to meet the highest technical standards. We are currently working on a series of slots with graphics and gaming experience that reach the highest international playing standards. At the same time, we try to include themes that LatAm players can identify with, such as Spin Island or Patagonia Wild. We also have classic games, like Lucky Fruits, which are familiar to all types of gamers. In the future, we are about to launch our first two license titles, with well-known brands like Popeye and The Phantom. All of these games are truly omnichannel, including the possibility of being played on mobile devices and physical environments. In this way, we can provide a gaming experience that accompanies the player wherever he/she wants to be, from his home to his mobile or even in a physical casino.

Vibra Gaming is also a platform developer. That experience we were talking about, with more than 10 years in a row in regulated markets, drives us to provide both components of the business at the same time: the content and the platform. Our Vibra Remote Gaming Server allows us to directly integrate the entire library, as well as that of third parties. We can add to this our Vibra Electronic Gaming Machine, which is very useful for physical operators by giving them the possibility of distributing content through any terminal. Finally, our online casino and sportsbook platforms stand out, for they can deliver a complete range of products that cover the requirements of any operation. Our goal is always to increase profitability of our clients’ business through continuous enhancement of products and services.


*With more than 20 years of experience in software development (11 of which are related to online gaming), Ramiro Atucha has shown drive and creativity to create companies that launched innovative products. With a vision that includes the conception of content and the operation, Atucha founded Leander Games in 2012, and fostered multinational work teams, while strengthening bonds with clients and partners. Over the years, Leander’s slots received awards and accolades, and Atucha himself was included by Gaming Intelligence in its ‘Hot 50’ ranking, as one of the 50 most outstanding online gaming executives in the world in 2016.

After successfully growing the company and expanding it in Europe, LatAm, North America and Asia, he took new directions. Since January 2020, he has been the CEO of Vibra Gaming, a game developer and platform provider, with which he continues to conquer markets and gain respect and approval in the industry. In addition to his entrepreneurial skills in business management and promotion, Atucha has studies in Communication (UBA), Digital/Multimedia Communication (Maimonides) and Public Relations Management (UADE).