Vibra Gaming buys rights to develop online slot on popular singer Rodrigo

Rodrigo “El Potro” Bueno, star of tropical music and of the Cordoba cuarteto in Argentina, will be a new title that the prominent manufacturer will launch in Q1 2022.

The product will convey to the players all the emotion and passion that Rodrigo put on his music and his hectic and exciting life.
The product will convey to the players all the emotion and passion that Rodrigo put on his music and his hectic and exciting life.

A new licensed slot will shine in the portfolio of Vibra Gaming, a recognized creator of fascinating games and online platforms. The company announced that it acquired the rights to offer a product about the famous Cordoba cuarteto singer Rodrigo Bueno, better known as “El Potro. The project has just started and will undoubtedly cause commotion, both for fans of this immensely popular artist in Argentina and for the general gambling public.

When any talented artist gets popular in a very short period of time, he is likely to become a huge idol. That is what happened with Rodrigo’s career. In an unexpected and dazzling way, in just a few years, he became an unprecedented cultural phenomenon. Funny, attractive and charming, “El Potro” completely changed the scene of popular music and cuarteto from Cordoba, making it successful and famous all over the country.

Born in the Capital City of Cordoba (Province of Cordoba, Argentina), Rodrigo began his career at an early age thanks to his father, who promoted him as an artist in Buenos Aires. Then, he changed course and went from having a romantic look to becoming a storm of energy, strongly focused on his roots, the cuarteto music from Cordoba. He had his hair cut, dyed it in different colors and developed an image of rock star with a cuarteto rhythm. Rodrigo was extremely popular. His face was on the cover of every magazine; radio stations played his music 24/7, and he mingled with all celebrities. This led him to have a relentless pace of live performances, with no breaks. Every night, he had to travel with his team from one place to another to meet all his business obligations. That frenzy ended in a tragic car accident in which Rodrigo died at the age of 27. On that fateful June 24th, 2000, the singer passed on, but the myth was born, with his music being immortalized in the sky of the greatest stars of entertainment.


To try to transmit all the emotions and passion that he expressed in life and keeps on generating today, Vibra Gaming will take this legendary artist to the world of land-based and online slots, thus developing a 100% omnichannel title.

In that sense, Ramiro Atucha, CEO at Vibra Gaming, stated with excitement: “We are proud to be the ones in charge of conveying Rodrigo’s world into a slot. It is a huge challenge due to what ‘El Potro’ represents for Argentina and Latin America, both for his artistic value and for the commercial importance of his image. We believe that the game must live up to his name and legacy, so we have already started working with our team of experts, with 20+ years of experience in the industry. We can assure that it will be a high-quality product that will give people plenty to talk about in the market.”

Besides, he added: “Our main goal is to capture the essence and excitement of his shows. Therefore, we will pay special attention to the game sound in order to be able to share all the magic you could feel during his concerts.”

As for Ramiro Bueno, Rodrigo’s son, he commented on this production: “I’m so moved by the idea that the image and memory of my dad can be captured in a video game. I really like casino games and already knew Vibra Gaming. I’m also very glad that an Argentine company is in charge of this project. There’s no doubt they will reflect the energy of his concerts and the passion he gave to his music and his entire life.”

This acquisition is part of one of the main business units of Vibra Gaming, introduced in 2020: the production of licensed titles. In fact, they have already launched Popeye Slots and The Phantom, two products of great quality and performance. Another recently acquired license is Condorito, a very popular cartoon character in the region. By Q1 2022, is expected that fans and players can enjoy the game of Rodrigo, one of Argentina’s greatest popular idols.