Vibra Gaming launches Coder Bootcamp, a training program for young people in the sector

The three-month paid course will begin in mid-May in virtual mode, and bring together new Latin American talents in the gaming IT Development area.

The goal is to provide tools and opportunities for progress to young students in order for them to be able to join the professional staff of the company in the near future.
The goal is to provide tools and opportunities for progress to young students in order for them to be able to join the professional staff of the company in the near future.

Online casino games generator Vibra Gaming, which is based in Argentina and focused on the Latin American market, announced its new academic Coder Bootcamp project. This program seeks to train and support the professional growth of Junior IT Developers so that, later on, they can join Vibra’s permanent work group.

The cycle consists of three phases: 1) in the first one, applicants must register and meet a series of requirements; 2) then, developers that match the required profile will be selected. Like most programs of this type, they will join the team on a temporary basis. They will receive virtual training and have the opportunity to work in this industry on a paid, full-time job for a period of three months, from mid-May 2021; and 3) finally, youngsters who have participated will have to pass certain assessment criteria for the firm to determine who will become part of the company’s staff in the future.

Vibra Gaming has shared some conditions and requirements for those who want to apply to the Coder Bootcamp Program:

a) There will be no admission test after the pre-selection, but a number of interviews to learn more about the profile, skills and abilities of each applicant.

b) The admission will be immediate and the training program will last three months.

c) After this trial period, if they meet the required level, they will become part of the company’s permanent team

d) The Training Program demands full-time availability from the selected candidates, who will be paid a compensation to be agreed upon between the parties.

e) Each developer will be assigned a specific project, on which he/she will work during the three-month period.

f) They will be trained in the main technical aspects of the slots and online gambling industry, as well as in the particular needs of the company (working mainly on its framework and platform).

g) As a requirement, applicants must have some basic knowledge of Javascript programming and an intermediate level of English.

h) The application to join the Program will be made by email to the following address:


Based on the extensive experience and knowledge of its management team and its entire creative and technical staff, Vibra Gaming has been achieving different goals that strengthen its brand at a Latin American and global level. Some of these achievements have been: recent publication of successful titles with the highest quality standards, including both original content as well as licenses of famous characters (Popeye The Sailor and The Phantom); the obtaining of international certifications, and the signature of several agreements for the opening of new markets. Likewise, it should be noted that Vibra Gaming is a company member of the Association of Video Game Developers of Argentina (ADVA).

Ramiro Atucha, CEO, Vibra Gaming, expressed his enthusiasm and expectations about Coder Bootcamp project. About that, he stated: “We are glad to be able to welcome new talents to the Vibra team and train them with real situations and work in videogame development. It is very important to provide young people who are finishing their studies with their first opportunities and tools to help them build solid careers. We are proud that Vibra prioritizes this excellent type of initiatives.”

Those interested in participating in this Program should send their resumes to the following email: