Vivas (IAFAS): “We seek to offer transparency, trust and institutional firmness”

In this interview, Silvio Vivas, president of the Institute for Financial Assistance to Social Action of Entre Ríos, underlines the relevance of meetings organized by ALEA to strengthen synergy between all the provinces around gaming.

Silvio Vivas, president of IAFAS.
Silvio Vivas, president of IAFAS.

IAFAS has a highly active role in different Commissions of ALEA. How can the institute coordinate so many areas with proven efficiency?

We have been participating in ALEA for many years. I always chaired the Marketing Commission. The same as in IAFAS, I also coordinate a dynamic work in ALEA. Each time, we commit to more issues and do so with the usual responsibility. From my experience, I adopt a role of greater dedication in various topics, but it is clear that in ALEA we have a team effort with multiple jurisdictions.

One of the current main topics of the industry is online gaming, a modality that exists today in Entre Rios. What is your point of view on this phenomenon, which is being regulated in more and more jurisdictions in the country?

In Entre Rios, we have had iGaming for a long time, although for a small market niche. In addition, we have the ‘star’ game of Argentina at the pool level, such as Quini 6, offering it online.

Do you think that the development of an Argentine Gaming Map can facilitate both the internal processes of the lotteries and show more transparency outside the industry?

Yes, totally. The 24 entities that integrate ALEA are state-owned and we always seek to offer transparency, trust and show institutional steadiness. We have to be very clear about the resources we generate and where we use them. It is not so easy to synchronize the Map task and the numbers of 24 provinces, but we are making enormous efforts and many of these advances were communicated during last ALEA Assembly in May 2019.

Why do you highlight the importance of establishing a synergy of work in order to face the challenges posed by the sector?

I feel a little precursor in this ALEA policy of holding joint meetings between all provinces and strengthening that synergy. New technologies also lead us to work in this way to give the attention they deserve in the national territory. Key issues such as online gaming, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, can only be discussed first in the areas proposed by ALEA so that each representative can use conclusions and tools obtained during ALEA’s meetings in their respective jurisdictions.