LatAm learned from European sports betting leaders in the ‘G&M Webinar Series’

In a panel rich in content and experiences, last Thursday, executives from top international companies shared their visions on how operators can develop smart strategies to captivate sports fans and offer them an interesting portfolio of betting tools.

During the event, there was a very good interaction between the panelists, with adequate guidance from the moderator.
During the event, there was a very good interaction between the panelists, with adequate guidance from the moderator.

The fifteenth meeting of the series of online seminars from content multiplatform Gaming and Media News took place on Thursday, February 25th, with a very good live attendance and an increasing feedback from the global gaming industry. The 55 minutes discussion in English focused on the topic “Sports betting in Europe. Sharing experiences for helping B2B gaming operators in LatAm.” This free theoretical-practical talk, held in order to contribute to the learning process in the sector, had the participation of highly experienced and capable speakers from prestigious firms: Andreas Neubauer (Founder & CEO, Mohio); Hervé Schlosser (Founder & CEO, Sportnco); and Dan Stone (Head of B2B Marketing, Pronet Gaming), with Lucas Lebleu (Senior Sales Director, Skywind Group) as a precise and practical moderator who managed the extension of the webinar with great capacity.

There were many topics on debate, and questions from the attending executives that were correctly answered by the panelists. Key issues dealt around six points: 1) current landscape of the betting segment in Europe after a year of online betting growth; 2) possibilities that the Latin American market offers and how are companies helping local operators to diversify their betting portfolios; 3) the smartest strategies to be adopted for an operator to combine an effective betting proposal both in the land-based and online verticals; 4) demands from the LatAm audiences and how to respond to them; 5) regulation and normalization of betting activities in LatAm for companies to have full access to marketing channels and payment methods; and 6) anticipating the future of betting in the next three years, taking into account the growing interest of youngest generations in verticals such as Esports, virtual sports and other modalities.

Some ideas of this extensive and fruitful digital seminar can be highlighted here. About pandemic and its effects on the global online gaming sector, Schlosser (Sportnco) said: “Like many other online business, iGaming has taken advantage on this health pandemic crisis. The way people have been behaving during this crisis will not change. The shift from retail to online is a massive experience from players. At Sportnco, we have seen a 40% increase of our online active players from December 2019 to December 2020, with a key evolution of casino and poker products.”

In relation to the traditional, brick-and-mortar operators that want to launch their product online, Neubauer (Mohio) recommended: “I think operators need to be prepared to make the transition from land-based to online. They have to be open-minded and learn from companies with proved experience in the online business. They’d also have to dedicate a big part of their budget to digital marketing, SEO and other strategies to attract players of this segment. This is a different, almost limitless vertical. In online, you can add to your platform the number of games you like. So you will also have to use a good back office to analyze data of your punters and decide in which products you will put your money on.”    

Talking about emerging markets near to regulation, Stone (Pronet Gaming) insisted that the focus shouldn’t be put on regulation itself, but on how to regulate. “You should have a properly structured regulation in a market that also takes into account issues such as player protection, advertising controls, fraud detection tools, and more. I’m thinking on differences between authorizations and concessions. And then there is the case of overregulated markets pushing companies very hard. It’s a delicate balance,” he evaluated. 

In short, with this new educational material, Gaming and Media News continues to show why it is one of the few media that is strongly committed to the expansion of quality, academic knowledge, which represents an invaluable contribution to the gaming segment. Those interested in fully watching this relevant conference can access to it in our YouTube channel, where you can subscribe to receive info on our following webinars.