Stone: “We have an unrivalled and fully scalable platform for anything, from pureplay online to fully integrated packages with retail solutions”

Dan Stone, Head of B2B Marketing at Pronet Gaming, express in this interview interesting ideas, highlighting issues such as the power of localization, dedication to key emerging markets, including Africa, Latin America and Asia, and the offering of a flexible, customized tool to help operators give a great online gaming experience for their customers.

This well recognized executive will be sharing his company’s passion for quality and its amazing array of products on next February 25th’s G&M News webinar about ‘Sports betting in Europe.’
This well recognized executive will be sharing his company’s passion for quality and its amazing array of products on next February 25th’s G&M News webinar about ‘Sports betting in Europe.’

Why did you decide to accept the offer to work at Pronet Gaming? What attracts you the most about this company?

I’ve worked within a variety of industries over my 15+ years in marketing and none of them struck a chord as much as gaming, so I was keen to stay in the community that I’ve grown to love. When the opportunity came up with Pronet Gaming, I jumped at the chance. They are a truly innovative and entrepreneurial organization, which are qualities that I admire and have always aimed to replicate myself. The role I now hold here offers me the chance to get stuck in to the provider side of the industry, and help to drive things forward for the benefit of our clients and their customers.

Throughout 2020 and early 2021, the company has closed dozens of agreements to strengthen the content of its platform and expand in different markets. We can mention partnerships with Endorphina, Fazi Interactive, All41 Studios, Optimove, Green Jade Games, Sportal365, True Lab, Atmosfera, Real Dealer Studios, Red Tiger, Booongo, among so many others. What is the main reason for this aggressive integration policy?

That’s an interesting perspective. It’s not so much that we’ve pursued an aggressive policy, more that our main motivator is to ensure that our clients can offer the very best experience for their customers, and that means being able to provide a range of leading products, wherever their customers may be based around the world. With that in mind, the team at Pronet Gaming has been focused on extending our reach within key emerging markets, including Africa, Latin America and Asia. If a product supplier shares our passion for quality, then they’re somebody we look at working with and if an operator is interested in offering the best online experience for their customers, then that’s precisely where we come in.

As you have just said, one of Pronet’s key goals is to establish itself in emerging markets. In that sense, it made relevant deals with Sahara Games and PrincessBet in Africa. What about LatAm? How does the company see the evolution of the iGaming and sports betting regulation processes in the territories of this region, in countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile?

That’s correct: Africa is a key market for us, as is Latin America and also Asia. We are dedicated to emerging markets, simply because that’s where our experience lies. We are well placed to help support operators in these markets to gain a competitive edge, which can otherwise be a challenge without the right provider with the right experience. The LatAm region, as with other emerging markets and even long-established ones, is an evolving landscape when it comes to gaming. As an online platform and retail solutions provider, we keep a close eye on developments and, in the case of LatAm, find many positives across the various territories involved. One of the core strengths of our offering is that, while we’re trusted globally, everything is tailored locally. We feel that’s a vital part of understanding the LatAm region: the power of, and need for, close working with local partners and industry stakeholders. The needs within each country differ considerably, and we are perfectly placed to be able to help operators that are either themselves from the region or looking at LatAm from an external position.

What benefits can Pronet Gaming’s online sportsbook, casino and retail solutions bring to Latin American operators?

I hate to echo previous comments, but this is an important point. We place critical value on the power of localization and so we’ve built our solutions with exactly that in mind. Whether you’re only looking for a secure sportsbook platform or your priority is in delivering the best slots for your audience, the flexibility of our solutions means total customization and a product tailored specifically for your customers. While it’s true that there may be similarities across the region, we prefer to deal with our clients on a case-by-case basis, so it’s not that they’ll get a solution fit for ‘all of LatAm.’ It is more that it will be perfectly built for their customers, however wide-ranging or niche that audience may be. Product-wise, we have an unrivalled and fully scalable platform for anything from pureplay online to fully integrated packages with retail solutions. Our investment in foundational work means that our clients minimize their risk by taking advantage of original data feeds, a secure back-end infrastructure, leading fraud detection tools and a great deal more.

In today’s complex global gaming landscape, why is it so important to have spaces (webinars, interviews) for debate and spreading of ideas to boost education and professionalization of the industry, such as those coordinated by Gaming and Media News?

I believe that ongoing discussions and idea sharing are fundamental factors of success for any industry, not just gaming. With the current global situation creating so many incredibly difficult challenges, both professionally and personally, it is even more important to keep that learning going. People learn in different ways, so while one person may get more out of live webinar content and debate, another may well prefer to digest written articles online or in print. The key thing is having that range of access methods for knowledge, insights and discussions however that may be delivered best for individuals. I’ll be glad to take part on next G&M News panel on February 25th and make my contribution to the debate, focused on the topic of ‘Sports betting in Europe.’