Radman: “We greatly invest in the development and enhancement of our machines”

According to Albert Radman, Sales Director of Alfastreet, the company stood out at ICE for its innovative roulettes and its new single terminal Verso. The executive also mentions the hard work of sales and distribution teams to help customers meet their demands.

Albert Radman, Sales Director, Alfastreet.
Albert Radman, Sales Director, Alfastreet.

How did Alfastreet do during ICE London fair?
For Alfastreet, ICE London is the most important show of the year, and we always do our best to present our novelties at the event. This year, among many updates on the machines and software, we presented our brand new single terminal Verso that features the latest design and technology. It would be a great addition to any casino floor.

What’s your general opinion about this event, the venue and the business atmosphere during this edition?
We are pleased to see our friends and customers that we already know and, at the same time, we are more than happy to meet new people. Our booth was always full with visitors and excitement. Therefore, we are overall happy with the exhibition. Since we are most known for our roulette machines, the Lucky 8 roulette and R8 roulette were our highlights. However, the introduction of Verso definitely put this solution on the spotlight, with new features and modern design.

How does Alfastreet strengthen relationship with its clients?
We try to please our customers. Our sales team is working really hard to present our innovations to the markets we are already present in and, at the same time, markets that we want to enter. We also have to say we have a great team of distributors that know the clients and help them the best way possible.

What goals the company sets each year to progress in the industry?
Every year, we intend to be better than the previous one. We greatly invest in the development and enhancement of our machines. We do have some new ideas for our products, but we will keep this a secret for now. There will soon be surprises for our clients.