Gary Eldridge talks about investment and partnerships with LatAm gaming affiliates in ‘G&M 1on1’

Co-Founder and Chairman at Mobius Interactive, a fresh and new online gaming operator, this experienced and visionary executive participated in G&M News’ video-interviews cycle, where he shared his analysis on recent Esports boom, the solutions of his company, the joint-ventures with gaming affiliates and the future of the industry.

An entrepreneur, Eldridge underlined how his company is capitalizing on the fast growing Esports segment.
An entrepreneur, Eldridge underlined how his company is capitalizing on the fast growing Esports segment.

The ‘G&M 1on1’ series of interviews keeps rolling with leading execs being part of this professional, academic space. In this occasion, we had the privilege to watch and listen to Gary Eldridge, current Co-Founder and Chairman at Mobius Interactive, as well as President at Eldridge Wealth Ltd. Gary is a respected and smart businessman, with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry. Skilled in capital markets, private equity, M&A and funding startups, for the past 30 years, he has created and managed numerous public and private companies in Canada, the U.S., Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, and Panama.

During this virtual meeting, he specifically referred to the investing opportunity he leveraged with Mobius Interactive, a company focused on one of the fastest-growing betting verticals: Esports and its core audience of gamers. Mobius launched its online operations on the last year, and has been increasing its business since then, presenting three amazing and attractive brands for players: Mobius.Bet,, and

According to Eldridge, Mobius is searching for partnerships and joint-ventures with gaming affiliates in Latin America and other regions. The group has an already established strategy for attracting and retaining a wide network of high net-worth gamers worldwide through its loyalty programs, CRM and targeted gamification.

Here are a few excerpts of this interview of this 27 minutes interview:


“I could see there was an opportunity to build a very serious company, with the support of Lynn Pearce (CEO) and her team. We originally financed it to launch the three brands. We are now in the midst of another financing process. Our plan is to take the company public by mid-summer of this year. As the company grows, we are in a position to fund it.”  


“We can participate through a joint-venture partnership in a bricks-and-mortar operation. It would also be attractive to us to be marketing with a recognized brand. Our affiliates would get the benefit of a larger advertising plan, more support, co-branding with land-based and online gaming operators, and taking advantage of a broad range of products to recommend to their clients. There is a lot going on in this segment and we want to be part of that growth.”


“We are very interested in the Latin American market: Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and more. We are open to looking at joint-venture opportunities there. LatAm has a developed, mature gaming industry that will experiment tremendous change over the next years. Governments need revenues, so they will finally be supporting this business. Besides, everybody has been affected by COVID-19. By the end of this year, places will be open again and people are going to greatly demand products. Most importantly, they will be searching for more entertainment online than ever.”

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