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    Tello (Tellotech): “Buscamos convertirnos en el primer proveedor de marketing omnicanal...

    Alexis Tello, fundador y CEO de Tellotech. Tellotech es una agencia de Marketing Digital y Asesoramiento Tecnológico, dirigida específicamente al segmento del gaming,...

    Medidas globales en favor del juego responsable

    Inglaterra, Australia y los Estados Unidos, entre otras jurisdicciones, han tomado recientes medidas que buscan controlar sus respectivos mercados del juego con el fin...

    Crucial support of Indian tribes to sports betting legalization in Michigan

    In Michigan, U.S., sports betting legislation has passed the state House and will be taken up by a Senate committee. Within that complex debate,...


    Creatividad, conocimiento, esfuerzo y perseverancia

    Con su frescura, curiosidad y perfil indagador, nuestra experta Vera Motto consigue en esta nota exclusiva un muy valioso panorama del sector del juego...

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    Closer, Better, Faster. PR, MKT and communication services for the global gaming industry + private events organization.

    Three new sunny and funny games of Merkur

    This autumn, three sun-drenched new titles (African Mask, Dreaming Island and Tribe of the Sun) form part of Merkur Gaming’s ongoing reel game line-up...

    Number of gaming machines in the world drops 4.97 percent

    The 2018 edition of the World Count of Gaming Machines, an interesting source of factual data about global gaming machine indicators, elaborated by the...

    Kingdoms Rise games suite, innovative and fantastic novelty of Playtech

    Playtech, a relevant gambling technology company, has presented Kingdoms Rise, a major new games suite with a unique reward system to boost player engagement....
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